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Choosing a skilled wedding photographer is definitely one of the most challenging jobs while planning such an event. This is because it is quite difficult to test the skill of a professional for clicking truly remarkable pictures of a wedding. Here naming the top 8 wedding photographers in Mumbai.

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  1. Fotografia: This team of professional photographers led by Shruti Joshi and Saketesh Mohapatra are amongst the best wedding photographers in India. In addition to wedding photography, they also specialize in clicking creative and contemporary pictures. They have been featured in NDTV Good Times and have also won the Bridal Portrait at Wedding Sutra.
  2. Photo Shoto: The professional experts at PhotroShoto are renowned for their ability of turning even the simplest weddings into a saga of astounding memories. They add a personal touch to every image captured through the lens, turning it into an eternal memory. They specialize in clicking candid wedding pictures, couple shoots and event photography.
  3. NareshMunigala: Alumni of the National Institute of Photography, Naresh Munigala is known for his expertise in traditional and candid wedding photography. Offering affordable services with extremely high quality pictures is the specialty of this professional, who possesses a knack for turning simple and pure moments into beautiful memories.
  4. SagarVohra/ Shotzzz: Having been operational since 2008, Shotzzz has created a name for providing exemplary and extremely high quality wedding pictures by using the latest equipments for the best shots. It specializes in clicking wedding pictures as well as pictures of children along with fashion photography.
  5. Salim Khan: Salim Khan believes that to get the best wedding shots it is important for the photographer to be at the right place at the right time, ready to click the picture. The renowned wedding photographer is blessed with quick instincts that enable him to seal the most memorable wedding moments in a manner that makes them linger on for life. People who hire his services are never disappointed about their choice as they are sure to get the most candid wedding pictures they can treasure for life.
  6. NamitNarlawar: This passionate photographer believes in looking at things differently and making images come alive by adding a touch of his imagination. His expertise lies in clicking self-explanatory candid wedding pictures, in addition to which he also enjoys shooting portfolios and automotives besides covering kids, and events.
  7. AbhilashaUdaygeeth: Abhilasha comes across as an easy going and friendly person capable of capturing varied expressions and often missed moments at a wedding through her lens. Known for her informal and creative style, this talented photographer delivers some of the most amazing pictures of candid wedding photography.
  8. DarshanAmbre: Having been a complete camera aficionado since childhood, it is no surprise that photography is a passion for DarshanAmbre. Along with a major in advertising and a 2 year experience in the wedding industry, Darshan has what it takes to the real emotions of people at a moment's notice and turn them into wonderful memories that are cherished for a lifetime.
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