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Photo booths have been around for many years. As children some of us would go to the local mall or shopping centre and climb in a booth with our friends and have pictures taken. Photo booths have always created a lot of fun and let us hold on to the memories.

These same booths are now growing in popularity and are not just showing up in shopping centres anymore. The booths are being rented for weddings, proms, dances, charity events and corporate events. Corporate photo booth hires are becoming a must have. When guests arrive and see the fun that is in store it helps to relax everyone. With everyone relaxed it makes for a better event.

A corporate photo booth hire adds a whole new level for your guests. Whether the guests are employees or high-end clients the fun never ends. Not only is this a whole new level of entertainment, each guest gets to keep a memento. The corporate party with the photo booth will be the talk of the company for months to come.

When researching for a corporate photo booth for hire be sure to keep a few things in mind. Below are a few pointers.

  • What is the cost of the rental and are there packages offered?
  • How long will the rental be for?
  • If you would like to retain the booth for added time is it possible?
  • What is the hourly fee for added time?
  • What type of equipment is used? Can you see a sample image?
  • What styles of booths are available?
  • When will the booth arrive and will there be an attendee?
  • Are the pictures coloured?
  • Will the actual person who paid for the rental get a copy of all the images?

A corporate photo booth rental will come with many options. Photobooth styles will range from company to company. There are companies that have photobooths for all occasions including a sleigh for Christmas events. Others offer booths that are cars and trucks. A standard booth can of course be rented for the occasion.

Prices will vary from company to company but with research you can find the company with the best specials and deals. Guests at the corporate event will be having fun and actually enjoying themselves. All too many times these types of events can be boring and drag on. Having a photo booth and a few other things guests enjoy can make it an event that the guests will want to return to.

A corporate photo booth hire usually has other products that can be used at these types of events. Many have games that will help to break the ice and those games that are just for fun. You want your guests to be able to have a fantastic time and not counting down the time until the event is over.

The great thing is that many of the guests who do not normally have an outgoing sense of humour liven up at these functions. The boss who never smiles and is usually barking at everyone is the guy in the booth making all kinds of facial expressions. Smiling seems to be the thing the boss loves to do. You would never believe this is the same person. And, if you are lucky enough to get a picture with the boss? Hold on to that picture for dear life. There may be people in the office that would never believe about the photo booth if you didn't have proof.

Having a booth at your special events is so worth the investment. People will remember the fun they had and will also be waiting for the invitation to attend your next event.

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