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Photography is all about capturing the moments that you never want to forget and the moments are captured by a camera, to be cherished forever. Earlier, people used to do photography as a hobby or just to make memories special, but in today's time the definition of photography has changed altogether and now people are taking it as a career as well. As compared to the normal photography, Aerial photography is tricky as while flying a quadcopter or drone, there are a number of small tricks that are used to make sure that the actually finished shot looks beautiful.

Aerial Photography has much of technology included in it and to do the Best Aerial Photography, you also need to ensure that everything is in place and no mistakes are done while capturing or filming.

This piece of writing will surely guide you to do Best Aerial Photography; here are some tips to ensure that you get the best of the Aerial Photography:

Balance Your Propellers: The balancing of your propellers will have a major impact on the balance of the copter. If you haven't yet balanced your propellers, you can do it by taking the following steps:

  • Place the Propeller on a balance
  • Place the balance on an elevated place
  • Find that which blade is heavier
  • Sand the bottom of the blade slightly
  • Retest the balance

You have to keep following these steps, till the time the blade actually gets balanced. You also need to keep in mind that have to sand just a bit at a particular time, to avoid imbalance.

Shoot From Different Angles: It is always good to shoot from different angles to get different results. This will also allow to find a better angle which will suit your requirements. Rather than trying an FPV -only, you should try FPV, an above angle shot to analyse that which pictures come out the best. You can also take a series of pictures as sometimes a changes in the weather or wind can occur which makes the shoot impossible at a next try.

Get a Good and Powerful Camera: You need not be tied to a single camera, there are numerous options when it comes to the choice of the camera which will fill into your copter. Here are some points that need to be understood before you go to buy a new camera otherwise you will only find that your copter does not support it. You should consider the following points before buying a camera:

  • The Resolution of the camera which will allow to take better and clear pictures.
  • If you want a camera with a high pixel counts, then you can find cameras with 10MP+
  • The view modes should be analyzed to find the best choice.
  • Higher frames per second should be considered for video.
  • The most desirable is Low light capabilities.

The better quality of camera will click the best quality of pictures. Happy Capturing.

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