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Did the title confuse you a bit? Don't worry, you've read it just right. We surely are talking about how much money is being invested in the Indian wedding photography industry. From only a few years back to the current scenario, the wedding photography definition has changed entirely. In itself, wedding photography has come out as a genre, as a whole new independent branch. There was time when people used to call themselves photographers and covered different events. Now, there are a specific bunch of people doing just one thing, helping the bride and groom create memories for life.

The current trend has seen photography courses helping people specialize in wedding photography only. Since we are talking about the Indian wedding industry, with a net worth of more than $30 billion per year and increasing by 15-20% every year, photography courses in India are bound to increase in revenue and number for sure. But, let's not get wooed by all the monetary terms and just the net worth of the industry.

Coming back to how the scene is changing and giving new identities to photographers across the length and breadth of the country, let's go back a few years. Just a decade ago, if asked, photography would not have been an answer to a question regarding career choice for most of the people. Even the people in the industry at that time, did not prefer putting their children in the same profession. If the same question be put up now, we'll see many hands raised, saying a yes to the choice of being a full time photographer. Also, the definitions have changed; photography in itself is now a vast sphere. People like clicking a particular type of photographs and want to stick to doing just that. Wild life, still life, fashion, wedding and many more genres have come up.

As far as the concept of choosing wedding photography as a career goes, there are more than 250,000 active wedding photographers across the country as per a blog by Reuters, which in itself defines the gravity of the profession. There are people so passionate about clicking photographs that they've left their jobs at multinationals and taken this up as a full time profession. ing wedding photographs not only gives them the satisfaction, but also huge amounts of money. One session of photography can be charged from somewhere around Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 2,50,000. Also, with money and a full time business, come the luxuries of a lifetime. There are photographers passionate about travel and are making it a part of their business. Some follow the ultimate rich lifestyle where only the peak season sees their work and the rest of the year is nothing short of a holiday.

Now, the one question that arises is why? Why really is this industry flourishing at a pace no one really thought it would do? The answer to this question is simple, and one word for it would be emotions. People don't mind spending money on something close to their heart and something that will remain with them as memories to cherish forever. A photograph is everything when it comes to emotions, memories and closeness to the heart for the couple as well as their families. This is just the one big reason which has given the industry an economic boom and is still on the rise with no signs to stop anytime soon. The future of wedding photography is definitely bright.

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