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By Pascal Zephirin

We've all seen them, eager guests at weddings and other special events who want the best spot for their smartphone pictures. These guests will step in front of the paid photographers just so they can have a shot to post on their Facebook pages. Let's be clear about this: Your friends, who paid the photographers, paid them to take the best photos–not you. They don't care how cool you think your Facebook page will look if you post pics from their special day. The day belongs to them and they've paid to make sure they have the best shots. They've made their choices of who they want to capture their special day, please afford the photographers access to do that work. The paid customers are expecting the following:

Best Spots

The paid customers are not paying a professional photographer to take photos of the back of their friends' head. When you step in front of the photographer that's exactly what the photographer sees. Since what the photographer sees is what he/she can photograph, then the paid customers will be getting photos taken from a position that's not optimal. Leave the best spot for the pro photographer. You can politely ask to take a picture after the paid photographers have taken theirs.

Best Quality

The quality of photos taken is very important to the paid customer, hence why a pro photographer is hired. So the customer is expecting great quality photos. They'd like to remember their special moment with memorable pics. They want great photos of their vows; great photos of their kids walking down the aisle; and great photos their kids cutting the birthday cake. They don't want blurry pictures from a smartphone. Yes, smartphones can also take great pics under the right circumstances, but certain occasions require pro cameras to capture every detail without missing a beat.

Best Shots

Things move fast. Since special events are usually not movie sets. We don't have multiple takes to get the correct shots. The shots have to be right, the first time. Customers paid to make sure that moment is recorded in great photos. They don't want to take the chance of it not being done right. The photographers have to be there at the right time to capture the moment. Allow the pros to capture the best shots for their clients by not impeding.

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