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Brighton's coastline on the west coast of Sussex holds an abundance of suburb subjects, both natural and man made in which to capture some truly amazing long exposure images. Brighton Pier in particular is a moving reminder of the great fire that tore through its structure leaving a skeleton shell, which makes the ideal atmospheric setting for keen photographers.

With neutral density filters such as Lee's Big Stopper, photographers have the power to slow life down and record the effects of time passing over landscapes and coastlines. This opens opportunities to see the world that our eyes would never be able to and record that moment in time for everyone to appreciate and to be enjoyed by future generations, so they can learn about the structures we see today in years to come.

Light & Land UK and professional photographer Doug Chinnery is holding athree-day Workshopin Brighton on 30thof November, focusing on this minimalist style of image making, showcasing streaking clouds and shimmering seas with asurreal feel. Doug has a strong passion for capturing creative life and has shared this dream teaching for the past 6 years. During this workshop photographers learn how to master the skills to make stunning long exposure images effectively, where they have use of Lee Filter's Big Stopper filters, sotechniques can be triedwith out the need to purchase new filters during the course.

Along this stretch of the beautiful Sussex South West Coast, photographers will be taken to some ideal long exposure locations, and shown how to calculate long exposures, which extend far beyond the cameras light span. This will be combined with the use of graduated neutral density filters to balance high contrast exposuresand some of the post common problems will be addressed such as focusing accurately. Primarily this workshop will explore composition and using this technique to make captivating images, however on the final day photographerswill learn how to use AdobeLightroom, Photoshop and Nik Silver EfEx Pro2 to develop long exposures.

This will be recorded by Doug and made available for Photographers to download and play any time after the workshop to save any note taking, so focus can be placed on learning trying out techniques. This promises to be full of fascinating and inspiring subjects and practical knowledge that will really open your eyes up to the possibilities of long exposure images and give you skills and techniques that will help you tocapture and process all landscape and seascape images, not just long exposure that can then be used as a basis to develop your own style further.

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