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From the image of your granddad discreetly brushing his tears away to that of your little niece munching on the cake before it is cut; your wedding photographs work to document all the wonderful moments of your special day.

But more than that, they work to capture the intimate connection you create the moment you say I do to your beloved. And for a professional photographer, it is that connection that allows them to anticipate and capture such candid shots that truly add to the whole experience.

But as the subject, how do you do so without even knowing it?

For that, we decided to ask a professional in the game.

How to Capture Intimacy in Wedding Photographs, According to Karla Delgado

According to well-known LA photographer, Karla Delgado, the trick to capturing intimacy lies in the smaller yet crucial details.

  • Set Expectations with the Photographer

As the couple in question, you can help your photographer achieve the most memorable wedding photographs by finalizing all the details. Any key moments that you want recorded, any shots that you want captured, any style of work that you require – all of these have to be decided beforehand so that your photographer is prepared.

  • Inform others About Decorum

You know that irritating tick you get whenever you hear someone's camera go off during a sentimental moment?


Yeah, you should tell your relatives to stop doing that. It's okay for them to use their cameras to document the event. But if you want to maintain the beauty of the event, ask your guests to turn off the sounds of their cameras and switch off their phones if need be.

  • Give Your Own Ideas

Don't be timid if you want to capture a moment that you think may work for you. With wedding photographs, sometimes the most intimate moments are those which happen spontaneously. If you want your photographer to take a picture of your husband as you walk down the aisle, tell them to do so. If you want them to take a picture of you afterwards when half the guests are gone and you're sitting with your feet up, tell that to your professional photographer too. Keep things moving!

  • Listen to Your Photographer

As a professional, your photographer will have proper knowledge on how your surroundings can affect the image they take. If they tell you to pose a certain way or stand in a certain light, listen to them and give them what they need. The result will prove to be exquisite.

  • Have Fun

Yes, you will have your fair share of formal shots with friends and family. But this doesn't mean you can't have fun. It's no surprise that candid shots where you're acting silly sometimes turn out to be the most memorable of the lot. So if you want a picture where you and your spouse are jumping on the bed in your wedding attire, do it. Have fun with yourselves and we assure you, your pictures will reflect your present feelings.

Hiring a Professional Photographer for Your Wedding

If you want to have all your photography dreams come true, you need a photographer that will be able to work with your point of you in mind.

As a seasoned photographer, Karla Delgado has the right skills and experience to add a classic and professional touch to every outdoor wedding photoshoot. From her work for the San Gabriel Mission Engagement to the McCormick Home Ranch wedding, you can see her work in action and judge for yourself how dedicated she will be to providing you with her best efforts and experience.

So contact Karla Delgado now! You only get married once (hopefully). Make every effort count!

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