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Women with curves are becoming the most beloved models in recent times. As a professional photographer, you need to ensure that you capture the best portraits of curvy women, making them look like angels. An expert photographer can make a woman feel beautiful both inside and outside.

Here are the top posing tips for curvy models. Have a look.

Invite A Friend Of Your Curvy Model

Unless you're 100% sure that the model will love the image you have just clicked, don't show them the back of the camera. The model might lose confidence in you, if they don't like the images you have clicked. On the other, you can boost their confidence, if the images turned out great. So, what's the solution for this problem? Invite a close friend of your model who they trust and help to boost their confidence. Show the images first to the friend, who can praise your efforts and beauty of your curvy model.

Ask The Model To Wear Something Comfortable

It's a good thing to ensure that your subject is wearing clothes in which they feel amazingly comfortable. An uncomfortable dress will make them conscious and you'll get disastrous results. The clothes should fit well and highlight key features and attributes of your curvy model.

Never Make Negative Comments

Stay away from making any type of negative comments which may demoralize the model. Try not to say things like “you just look awkward” or “this shot will not work for you”. If you think that a particular shot isn't good enough then try to make it better or move on to the next pose.

Don't Hesitate To Cover Up

While focusing on the model's main features & attributes, you should not hesitate to cover the areas you don't like, by using props or clothing. You can simply even cut the portion you don't want in the image.

Be Vocal

While capturing the beauty of your curvy model, ensure that you keep talking to them. If you talk less or remain quiet during the photo session, then the model will feel highly conscious and might stiffen up in front of the camera.

Look In Different Directions

If your curvy model is a newbie and isn't aware with the proceedings of a photo session, then you should act as a mentor and tell them how to act in front of the camera. Ask them to look them in different directions and tell them that they don't always have to look into the camera.

Capture Side Views

Don't just capture the beauty of your curvy model from the front. Sometimes a straight angle will make them look wider than they really are. So, ask them to give different poses, use props and furniture in the room to get some of the most beautiful images of your gorgeous curvy model.

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