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Professional photographers are already aware of how difficult it is to capture the true essence of jewellery in photographs especially since the stones and crystals in the jewellery can reflect the light back into the camera lens. The simple solution will be to direct the light into the display where the jewellery will be kept from all areas equally. Also, the flash needs to be turned off from the camera. For the best pictures a setup which includes 3-4 halogen lamps or daylight bulbs. This will ensure lighting from all angles and help you take great pictures without depending on glare inducing flashes.

For the best results, it's important to display the jewellery against an attractive background or a crisp white background. You've got to remember that backgrounds, which have uneven gradients or are disorienting will always put off potential clients who are looking to buy that jewellery.

Several renowned photographers around the world have a preferred method when it comes to capturing jewellery. If you are planning to be a professional Brisbane jewellery photographer, these two methods can work wonders for you.

Method 1

The simplest way for a great background that looks professional is to display the jewellery on an attractive background. However there can be several variants of this method, and it's really a matter of preference what kind of background one wants.

A favourite amongst most eminent photographers will be to set up a well-lit surface which is flat and placing an eye-catching cloth as a backdrop. Regarding the fabric, try to use a purple coloured one because it will give out a very luxurious vibe to the picture.

Method 2

For the more technically sound individuals, try to depict your images like “stock images” kind of photographs with crisp white backgrounds. This can easily be done by acquiring a canvas photography tent. These are usually available in kits with a couple of halogen lights, and most definitely they are worth the money. You can get a perfect background by reflecting these lights on a white canvas.

After taking these photos all that a Brisbane jewellery photographer needs to do is use editing software like Adobe Photoshop to edit out any uneven gradient by either painting the areas with white paint or use a background removal tool.

Be it any kind of style, every professional undertaking commercial photography in Brisbane implements certain techniques and the best of equipments which are often worth thousands of dollars to capture the best of images. Probably one of the biggest mistakes which amateur photographers make is using backgrounds which are unsuitable for jewellery. However when it comes to experienced photographers, such a scenario never arises because more often than not, they will always use a non-reflective white background to click pictures, especially in their studio.

Chrome keying, however, is one technique which is extensively associated with film making and TV, which involves compositing two different images into one by using green or blue screens in the background. In the case of advertising shoots, light boxes are predominantly used to capture smaller objects in detail.

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