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The art of photography has been growing at a fast rate. From the ancient Vinci's paintings, black and white colored pictures to full HD images, everything is tried and innovated by humans. These modifications took years to bring changes. Different techniques are used by people to capture alluring images, one such amazing technique is Floating photography. In-flight photography was started by the balloonist Gaspard-Felix Tournachon in the year 1858. If you want to look at the aero plane photography of that time, you can see vintage postcards; they are good example of traditional aerial camerawork.

People who love adventures and risks are trying their luck in Aerial Photography Services Singapore. An aero plane photographer needs daring capabilities and sudden excitement to create striking effects in photos. This technique needs precise knowledge and magnificent skills to make the captured scene wonderful. People from all over the world are enhancing their interest in in-flight photography. It is done by professionals in different field researches like landing use plans, cartography, military economical espionage, archaeology and cinematography. If we talk about Complimentary photography techniques then, ground cinematography is an interesting concept.

In ground photography, the capturer lays on the ground to take image from foreground at a low angle. Capturers usually experiment with different styles and angles to take engaging photos. While, if we talk about aerial photography, the photographer takes pictures from the DSLR are mounted on the helicopters, air craft and balloons. Aerial Photography Services Singapore use radio controlled air crafts to capture images of the residential places from specific height.

In-flight photography holds an important place in the evaluation of eminent properties and buildings, the best results are achieved when pictures are captured from helicopters. Airplane photography is expensive as compared to air balloon photography as only professional photographers are practiced in the process. Results obtained with aero plane photography are better as, it remains still and assists in creating a better environment to catch imageries. Setting of camera at wrong angle may lead to incorrect perspective. For example, distant objects appear small as compared to nearly placed objects. It has innumerable good results if one keeps all the important factors in mind.

Factors affecting Photography techniques:

  1. Aerial Photography Services Singaporeisdone keeping weather conditions in mind, the content of moisture and pollution in the air decides the clarity of images. Polarizing filters are used to enhance reflection, atmospheric haze and color saturation. Position of sun also affects the quality of photograph, avoid shooting in noon.
  2. If one tries to take images at noon, stark shadows and high contrast. Set the camera at 90 degrees for perfect images.
  3. To eliminate the problems of vibration and tackling movements, one should open windows and capture glimpses with extreme care. You can also use gyroscope based stabilizer to set the camera at fixed position.

Not only this, aero plane photography used in following fields:

  1. Real Estate Development
  2. Construction companies
  3. Tourism industry
  4. City development projects
  5. Environment industry
  6. Sports event management
  7. Television industry etc.

Why Aerial Photography is better than Ground photography:

  1. If provides improved vintage point
  2. Improved spatial resolution
  3. Emphasizes on specific range and wavelength
  4. Can handle multiple wavelengths at the same time
  5. Broad spectral sensitivity
  6. Allows taking snapshots
  7. Offers repetitive appearances to the same area

Now, you are aware how airplane photography is better and more preferred as compared to ground photography. Hope! It helped you.

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