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Most people nowadays love the art of photography and even me I love it so much. From it, you could express yourself or your emotions buy having pictures in every moment of your life and quickly do some photo retouch to be more attractive for your friends when you upload it on your social media accounts like Facebook and twitter, the more likes and tweets you get from it the more exciting and overwhelmed your feeling is, yes that's true there are people feels like that.

But if you're new at photo editing you would probably ask questions, like although I have great pictures but were should I edit it or enhance it? What programs or software should I use? Do I have to buy software's to fill my wants? Or is there any some free photo editing software's but delivers likely same as with pro ones?

Don't you worry buddy, yes there's a lot of free editing software that you could use for free and take note that even if it's just a free software it doesn't mean that you will get low quality photo as a result, no, it always depends with our creativity and our passion to enhance it.

I found lots of free software for photo editing like:

1. Paint

It may not as good as other programs but still it's strong in basic editing; you can resize and rotate your photos plus has a good range of selection and paint tools and some tools that creates special effects depending on your creativity.

2. Phoxo

Phoxo is another great tool for editing pictures that a beginner might use, it is very easy to manage and very friendly, the effects are all display and can be found in the dashboard all you have to do is explore this software and eventually you will enjoy it.

3. Funny Photo Maker

Some of my friends like of making their photos to be more entertaining and attractive. This tool is completely effects ready, all you have to do is just select the effects that you like and that's it you will enjoy your new photo.


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) it was released way back 1990's and it really gives good result. Simple yet more effects are ready to be use. There's a lot of tools from this programs for simple photo editing and even animations.

Don't just limit yourself here, there are a lot of free programs for you out there, just search in google.com and you will find more other than this.

Also, there are institutions that offer quick and professional photo editing services that you may found online.

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