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Photo frames may be of various objects such as metal, wood, composite wood, hardened plastic, etc. the one that has always been in trend is the wooden photo frames. It has been an age old tradition where people framed their precious photographs in wooden frames that looked just apt for any wall. Most photo framing professionals prefer using wooden frames over other counterparts that are equally useful but don't have the feel as that of wooden photo frames. Even though it is priced higher than other frames made of metal and plastic, it is something that lasts longer than them. Wooden frames have a different appeal in itself and thus have several benefits to its name.

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  • Aesthetic appeal – Wooden photo frames have certain kind warmth in itself where the rustic look gives about a feeling of coziness wherever it is put up. It gives a different look to the room, unlike the metallic and cold look that is emitted from metallic or plastic frames. The wooden frames have a traditional look to it that never goes out of fashion.
  • Absorbs moisture – Wood can absorb moisture from the air and not let it affect the photograph or canvas that is framed in it whereas metallic and plastic frames resist moisture that allows the moisture to seep into what is framed.
  • Highlights the picture – Wood can blend with the picture and highlight it. No matter how the frame is designed, the picture is given more attention to, unlike other materials that attract all the attention towards itself and not let the picture get highlighted.
  • Can be used in any form – Wood being a naturally occurring substance can be modified and colored in various forms as one feels. It doesn't change in quality and can be used in any design or shape one intends their frame to be created.
  • Doesn't fade away – Wooden frames when made are dried well to remove all possible moisture from it. It is treated with necessary treatments to keep pests at bay and thus they seldom fade in color and let the photograph stay as it was when it was initially framed.
  • Modern frames with protective layers – Modern wooden frames are made a protective covering on it. The covering is made of paper that is accordingly given a wooden finish. This increases the appearance of the frame as well as lets it last long.
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