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Depicting the humans, their emotions, the animals and the nature through various forms of mediums such as painting, sculpture, literature, music etc is known as art. When the form of the art reaches to such levels as to transcend human emotions to some unworldly stage, we call it fine art. The fine art paintings have travelled long ways through ups and downs. The important stages are realism, surrealism, abstract and impressionism. Van Gauge is the most famous impressionist painter. The impressionists try to convey feelings and emotions through their creations and are not concerned regarding the exact rendering of the subject. Abstraction reduces the subjects to various geometric shapes and color zones to express feelings. The fine art photography is also classified in the same line.

Photography evolved into fine art

There was a time when it was told that photography is not an art. It tried to mean that portraying as it is cannot be considered as art. Art has to tell something beyond that. Seeing an artistic work the viewer is provoked to think and feel new form of emotion, not found in his mundane life. But with the advent of new age camera and the powerful computer software, it has been possible to elevate the ordinary photograph to the level of fine art. Such fine art photography prints are finding many takers and is quite popular in interior decorating and in home decor. While visiting offices and homes you will encounter many such art pieces which will snatch your attention taking you to some remote imaginations. The main areas where the fine art photography has found interest are landscape and nature photography, wild life photography, societal photography etc. Abstract photography is done using light and shade, color combinations, part concealing and part revealing technique, using various angles, night photography, graphics etc. All these have been possible due to the astounding advances in the camera as well as computer technologies.


Can there be any distinction between commercial photography and fine art photography?

There are various categories of photography. Photojournalism deals with visual accounts of news, place or people. The commercial photography is done solely for the purpose of advertising and promotion of products and services. In these aspects these do not fall within the ambit of fine art photography. But we have found sometimes such photographs too slop often into the realm of fine arts. Recently one photojournalist's photo depicted a vulture waiting in front of a dying refugee child. It must be considered a master piece that tells us the veracious and pathetically hapless situation of the refugees all over the world. In the history of photojournalism we often find such images that get transformed into art pieces well after the commercial or journalistic purposes get served. It is not difficult to find such fine art photographic pieces evolved out of commercial and journalistic endeavors, in the internet.

In conclusion one has to understand that taking a photo snap is not at all difficult and anybody with simple knowledge of camera can get good photographs with the help of modern digital camera. But making a fine art photography requires artistic sense, knowledge and experience regarding the world around us, emotions, feeling and depth of mind.

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