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Don't just always take the typical boring maternity images that every mother who's every had her belly photographed has in one of her many baby albums. Move right into that first session ready to stand by commitment to creativity! Don't be just the norm, be outstanding.Let me share with you some amazing maternity photography tips to help you capture that moment in a splendid manner

1. Do Something Different:

Don't just shoot what's always been shot. This is a good general rule of photography .Try to be consistently unique. Let me explain, you've got to approach each shoot as it's own. Be very committed as a photographer to tailoring each shoot for the subject you are taking photos for.Like I said before, this is a good general rule that applies particularly to maternity photography. Even though a large number of mothers have given birth to babies for many years(i.e since the time of adam and eve), a mother-to-be needs to feel like her pregnancy is amazing, special and adorable, that the things she's experiencing are unique only to her. Because they are.Strive to be different and unique always.

2. Don't Forget the rest of the family, or the pets.

Always remember that often a baby is coming into an established family unit where the family has a unique kind of living.If the siblings are available, make sure to include them in at least a few frames.

I have to mention the pets, because many people have amazing pets that they do really love.When the family gets kids, you can trust that the pets will be right there in at least a handful of the maternity photos.They are as much a part of the family as the next guy.


3. Make Her Feel Beautiful and Appreciated

Women don't generally feel very sexy when they're pregnant.Understandably so, and trust me I connect with this feeling as much as the next lady.But just because an expectant mother doesn't feel sexy, that doesn't mean she's not totally knock out. Bring that out in her. Pull that beauty out of her. A good way to do this is by talking as you shoot. It's perfectly appropriate to say things like: “That's beautiful!” “Yes, perfect!” “Oh that's just LOVELY.” Whatever works!If you're a male photographer you'll need to be careful about what you say in this crazy world of sexual harassment, but you're even more capable of pulling the beauty out of her than a female photographer. It's one thing when your girlfriend tells you you're beautiful, but when your girlfriend's brother tells you that you're looking good, you actually believe it. Obviously be careful and be genuine. The success of this tip will depend on your personality, but you can help her help herself. If she feels pretty she'll look a whole heck of a lot better. It's that simple.

4. Keep it natural

When she looks down at her belly, make sure her head isn't completely tilted at a weird angle…it can look unnatural and create a double chin. Have her fixate on a point slightly away from her bump. Don't forget eye contact and with a smile…everyone loves a classic shot like that. Vary expressions from laughter to more intense. I love having the new dad stand off to the side or behind me (just like for a child session) and make silly jokes or dance. Good practice for what's to come!

5. Bring Out the Relationship:

Most likely, new babies are coming into a loving home.Always try to include photographs that highlight the amazing relationship between mom and dad, because bringing a child into the world with someone is arguably love in it's best form.

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