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Photobooths have become a popular addition at a high number of weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties and corporate events throughout the world. These handy booths provides entertainment for your guests and if you're planning a corporate event, they can significantly increase your brand visibility and help you grow your business moving forward.

There are some important factors to take into consideration when it comes to cheap photobooth hire. While you don't want to break the bank hiring a booth, you also want to ensure you get all the features and services you deserve, ensuring the booth runs smoothly throughout the event and your guests get to enjoy the experience and have some fun.

Shop around, you will find there are a number of companies offering cheap photobooth hire in your area. Shopping around and finding a few companies you feel you want to work with is the best way to compare and review the companies against each other to find the perfect match to meet your particular event requirements.

The first thing to look for from each company is the features they include in their rental packages. You want to ensure that when you hire a cheap photobooth, it comes with HD camera and instant prints, enabling your guests to print out their pictures and take them home with them. You also want to ensure it includes a green screen, enabling you to put whatever you want as the backdrop, whether it's a beautiful landscape or your company logo and name.

Always ensure that the company you choose will set up and take down the booth for you, reducing the time and frustration you would go through. They should also provide you with an experienced attendant who will remain with the booth throughout the event, ensuring the booth runs smoothly and that everyone enjoys their experience.

Further check if the company provides social media updating. This enables your guests to take their pictures and instantly upload them to their Facebook account. The benefit of this is that their friends and family will know where they are and what they are doing, whether it's a birthday party or a corporate event.

The next step is to identify if the company can supply you with a customized booth to meet your theme or event. If you are a company you may want to brand the booth with your own company name and logo. If it's your wedding and you've chosen a particular theme for your reception, you want the booth to blend into the event seamlessly. This shouldn't cost an arm and a leg with some companies possibly adding customization into your package price.

When you're looking for cheap photobooth hire, you should be welcomed by a host of packages, helping you find the one that meets your particular needs. Most photobooth companies offer various packages based on the type of event, they can also customize packages if you want the backdrop to include certain information, such as your company name and logo.

There should always be an attendant on duty. If it's your wedding day, the attendant should manage the guests and the booth, you should also be able to ask them to get your guests to write a personalised message on the back of their photograph, which you can keep as a memory of this special day.

Finally, you should choose a cheap photobooth hire specialist that has years of knowledge and experience in the industry. They should have a solid reputation in your local area and provide outstanding service and support to ensure the booth runs smoothly throughout your event and your guests get to enjoy a fun and unique experience.

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