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Adobe Photoshop is an image editing program developed and created by Thomas Knoll in 1987. It is superior image manipulation software. It is used to edit different various kinds of pictures. It is a very dominant and famed application and this is the reason why it is not only mine but also millions of designers like it. It has amazing and superb abilities to create wonderful and creative piece of art.

Photoshop is being used by many professionals such as graphic designers, web designers, ui designers, fashion designers, cad professionals, engineers, and many more. It is very useful for image coloring, designing user interface for web pages, making patterns, retouch the images, and making drawings with drawling tool. It is also useful to make real and unreal comparisons. It can be used for many purposes. You can crop the image give it different sizes and can change the color of images.

There are many tools in it:

Move Tool: – The move toll is being used to move selections.

Lasso Tool: – There are two types of lasso toll.

Polygonal Lasso tool: – It is used to polygon selections.

Magnetic Lasso tool: – It is used for contrast or color based selections.

Crop tool: – It is the toll that crops the image and resizes it.

Eraser tool: – It is useful to erase the pixels from an image.

Zoom tool: – To zoom in the and zoom out image and it helps in navigating the image properly.

And many more… Pen tool, Stamp tool, Burn tool, Dodge tool, Brush tool, Pen Tool etc.

Most common features and tasks of Adobe Photoshop

Although there are unlimited features in Photoshop and not easy to explain all of them here yet I have given below some most common and very popular features. To know 'Why it is my favorite image editing application?' please read all the following given features.

  1. Masking
  2. Cutout Making
  3. Image Editing
  4. Image Retouching
  5. Black & White to Color Conversion
  6. Photo Album Designing
  7. Layouts making for graphic, web, post production industry
  8. Matte and Digital Paintings
  9. Image Manipulation
  10. Collage etc..

Adobe Photoshop is a vast and very advanced image editing application that we know but the truth is that it can be used to create all the above given projects too with proficiency. There are easy to use interface along with various high-end tools and cool commands. These Photoshop's commands and tools are useful to work with HD images and 3d graphics also.

How Photoshop is popular if you want to know then FYI every person related to designing in the world has used this application at least once in his life. It shows the popularity and usefulness of this application.

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