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What is it about flipbooks that make them so attractive? Perhaps they remind us of the fun times we had in our childhood. Whatever the reason may be, there's no denying the fact that they are all the rage at private and corporate events across the UK.

Hire Photo Booth for Party

The latest creative innovation for events is to hire a photo booth where guests can act in a short 7 second video clip. The video is then converted into a bound flipbook and presented to the participating guests almost instantly. In addition to this, the videos are uploaded to a server from where guests can download them and share on popular social media such as Twitter and Facebook. In this way, everyone who takes part in the fun gets a little memento to remind them of the awesome time they had and share those moments with their friends and family.

Photo booths for Wedding

Your wedding is a very special day and when you hire a photo booth for a wedding, you make it special for your guests as well. Photo booths are an exciting way to keep your guests entertained after dinner. It's almost magical how a short 7 second video clip can be transformed into a series of pictures in a flip book. Your guests will have an enjoyable time filming for the video and return home with fun wedding favours to remind them of those cherished moments.


Thanks to green screen technology, it's possible to add variations to background and images inside flipbooks to fit with a theme for your event. With a green screen, customers can select a background of their choice for the flipbook and incorporate chosen artworks into the flip book. Flip book covers can be customized by adding personalized text, images and logos. When you want to hire a photo booth for a party, why not make the attraction even more special by incorporating flip books?

How it Works

Depending on the chosen package, a professional team will arrive at the event premises, set up the photo booth and run the operations for a fixed number of hours. For example, a standard package may involve 2 operators producing 120 flip books during a period of 2 hours. A standard package is suitable for private events such as weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs. A package typically includes free upload of each video that can be downloaded and e mailed to guests along with a DVD of every video for the client

Hire a photo booth for a wedding and enthrall your guests with many hours of excitement!

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