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Ever thought whether you should have family photos?

The best answer i can give you is that YES, you should.

There are very many reasons as to why you should have family photos, let me just name a couple of reasons why you should;

1.Photos document that you were at a place

This is by far one of the most most obvious reason why you should always take family photos.

You don't wanna forget that moment when you and your family were sharing a meal seated at the great wall of china. Soo cute, right?

There is no better way to remember such moments apart from having those photos with you.

2.Culture is more visually than verbally oriented

Yeap, I said it, family culture should always be preserved across all your family generations.

You should always try to preserve your family culture as best as you can.This are the norms and traditions passed from one family generation to the rest.

Photos are the only visual ways to do this, go ahead and take some photos buddy!

3.Your family will never again be who they are today.

Tomorrow will bring change. New milestones, growing little bodies, changing faces, graying hair, starting high school, leaving for college,etc.

We all know it happens, but it's amazing how fast it does.

4.If you don't make the time to have some portraits done, who will?

How many times have you put something off for whatever reason and then realize later that you should have done it long ago?

Make the time to do something for your family, and for YOU. It will always be a moment in your life to remember.

You will live to remember those moments

4.Nature is beautiful

The colors of nature make a perfect background for a family or children's portrait session.You can also visit your nearest lake or river and take those amazing family photos.

Not only do you get a chance to take photos but it strengthens the family bonds.

Your little/huge piece of land is a natural outdoor studio and I'd love you to see it and use it.

5.You may be a little scared or nervous about being in front of the camera. Don't be!

Having family photographs done should just be about spending time with your family doing what you love to do.Don't be scared of taking photos with your family. They are actually part of you. Embrace them.

Find a photographer that fits your “style” and just go have fun with it! See what happens, you just might be surprised (and I am betting you will)!

6. Curb stress

Remembering those happy moments you had with your family helps you minimise stress.

But how do you manage to vividly remember those moments??

Have photos of your family with you.

You will always remember that they will have your back no matter what happens. They also motivate you to get over your life hurdles.

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