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Aerial photography is one of the best ways to showcase the property listing. It can help completely highlight the benefits and features of the premises. The experts believe that this type of photography is far more impactful than the ground photography. Instead of just the front or the facade of the property, the potential buyers can see the big picture. It helps capture the entire area in a single frame. Not only is it a great option for the developed properties but also for the sites that are under construction. But what needs to be kept in mind is that all results of aerial shootings are not the same. Finding the right time and right way to shoot the photographs is extremely important. Here are some ways to inspire and capture the best aerial images of a property.

Choosing the best time of the day

Choosing the right time for taking aerial images of the property can make the complete difference. There are a few things that are common between aerial and ground photography. Most of them yield the best results during the certain moments of the day. There are several aerial photography services in Singapore that will tell that the best time to take pictures is either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This is the time when we can get the best results. During these times of the day the colours generated by the sun rays are warmer. Also, the shadows are longer due to which the colours become more brilliant. This is because an element of depth gets added to the images because of shadows. Also, during this time the contours of the structures or lands are defined in a much better way.

But certain real estate projects may require brighter lights. Sometimes it is more about the personal preferences of the client. Owing to the flat lighting, some of the real estate properties produce more defined images through aerial shooting. Aerial photography services Singapore work closely with the clients and according to their personal needs. By identifying the mission of the shoot, it would become easier to choose the right time of the day. In the afternoon the glare is more but it may make the picture more flattering if taken in the right manner.

Choosing the best equipment

Commercial photographers have to ensure that they are using the right equipment in order to get the desired photography results. Most of the photographs for the real estate are used either for print media or online media. Since print media may need to use large sized images, therefore, cameras with larger format will be needed. It is highly recommended that the format is no less than 2 1/4 x 2 1/4.

Choosing right exposure

Since the photographs are to be taken from a height, therefore even the fast moving objects on the ground will appear slower. This affords the opportunity to use the slower shutter speed and gain higher depth of field. Anything between 1/500 and 1/1000 as shutter speed should be good.

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