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People normally are confused between whether to use a custom picture frame or go for a ready to use “standard” picture frame, bought from the nearby departmental store. Difference between them matters greatly, and if your art or picture in question is of high value (monetarily or emotionally), then custom framing your art becomes even more important.

Given below are some of the reasons why custom frames are a better option over readymade frames

Personal Touch

Custom frame gives an option to personalize your picture into a frame which nobody else has. It is highly unlikely that anyone else will possess the exact same frame which has been designed specifically with your preference in mind. This is surely going to add interest and be a talking point in your living area or office space.


Different types of picture or art requires different type of treatment. A canvas art should not be framed on the same line as charcoal art. With “standard” readymade frames you run the risk of using an inappropriate frame for your picture. But with custom frame you have the flexibility to choose the best material for the trade and stylize, design your frame as your art demands. Custom frames help in adding personalized as well as professional touch to your frame


Custom frames created by professional framers using special tools and techniques are sure to bring out the best quality in your product. A readymade frame can be made of plastic, wood or metal and are often sub-standard. Whereas in custom frame you have the option of using the best of the best quality material and provide the ability to protects your picture from UV rays, dust and other external factors.

Wide range of materials to select from

In Readymade frames, the shape of frame dictates the size and style of picture. Whereas when you are customizing your frames, your art form factor dictates the size and style of frame. This way you can have the frames designed the way you intend your picture to show. Custom framing also helps to choose from wide range of materials. You have the option to choose from wide range of mat colors, mat size, acrylics or glass glazing and obviously freedom to choose from various sizes and form factor of frames.


Art needs protection from various external elements over time. Art can fade over time, turn yellow, or get damaged by UV rays. It is important to use high quality, acid free material to keep your art in pristine condition. Custom frame provides flexibility in choosing this material and customize your frame to help you stand the test of time.

Picture frame is a piece of object in your house or office that should be built in such a way that it looks good and is pleasing to see day in day out. To attain this level of quality and perfection custom frame is the way to go.

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