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If someone were asked where in Europe they would want to go on holiday to, about 80% would answer, London. This city is very famous all around the world because of its magnificent spots, intriguing history, not the mention the popular Royal Family. London is located in the south-eastern part on the island of Great Britain by the River Thames. It is also Great Britain's largest city.

London boasts many different spots where tourists never fail to visit on arrival. Buckingham Palace, which is not just an average palace, is home to the world's famous Royal Family. People would usually visit this spot not only to take photos of the palace itself but actually to take a chance to possibly see any of the members of the royal family. Another spot would be the magnificent London Eye a very large beautiful ferries wheel. This is especially true when it is viewed and photographed at night since it's lighted with spectacular colors that photographers love to witness when they visit the city.

Another amazing spot to visit is Westminster Abbey, one of the most historic churches found in London. Several significant events took place in this church such as the recent wedding of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton. The enigmatic and intricate architecture of the Westminster Abbey makes it breathtaking. If you are into engineering or architecture photography, you might want to check out London's bridges. Yes, the London Bridge did not actually fall down according to the nursery rhyme instead, they're still intact and used every day. Many of these bridges can be found in London, the Westminster Bridge, Tower Bridge and the Millennium Bridge.

And you don't have to worry because you can never be late in London since the world famous Big Ben rings on the hour. Big Ben is worthy of photography itself along with the Houses of Parliament.

Light and Land are offering a unique London Light & Life photography tour covering lots of places worthy of photography.

London is an amazing city that does not only maintain its traditions that the people are still practicing now but they also ride along the modern world. It's depicted not just in its structures like the Tate Skateboard Park where the young people can enjoy skateboarding or other recreational activities, but London also goes with the modern culture of fashion and music as well and is full of historical places that are history rich.

London has left a mark on the world stage. From its structures to its music and people around the world who recognise the United Kingdom because of London itself.

This photography tour is being led by Doug Chinnery who has been teaching photography to individuals and groups for 6 years and also supplies images to the stock agency Getty and companies world-wide as well as individual collectors

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