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The endearing, beautiful country of Slovenia is situated right at the heart of Europe from which the majestic Alps meet the Mediterranean Sea. Being bordered by Italy to the west, Croatia to the south, Hungary to the east, and Austria to the north, this tiny country is half of the size of Switzerland and offers some of the best landscapes that you will find anywhere in Europe.

More than half of the country is thick forest, having a wealth of natural and architectural features that attract visitors worldwide. On this Slovenia photography tour you are going to be based only 34 miles from the capital Ljubljana's north-east and just 22 miles from the Julian Alps' international airport where the landscape is beautiful and wild. The area is dominated by Mount Triglav's precipitous peak, which is the highest point in Slovenia at about 9,000 feet. For Slovenes, Mount Triglav is a cultural icon which is featured on the national flag and lending its name to the only National Park of the country.

In the center of the green lake of emerald, on the island of Slovenia, lies a 15th century iconic church which is overlooked by Bled Castle and nearby is the 170 foot tower Pilgrimage Church of Mary. Bled is recognised as the gateway to the best attractions of the area, with churches, castles, mountain, and the breathtaking falls.

Slovenia covers only 20, 000 square kilometers, yet it is boasts about 10, 000 kilometers of sign-posted hiking trails plus about a 3rd of the countryside is protected which will allow you uninhibited access to the best areas of the Alpine without having a long drive.

You will surely discover more about the country after you have been on this tour, you will have all the joys of capturing stunning images of the glacial rivers and lakes, mountain landscapes, the scenes of daily life in the traditional villages and Ljubljana's historic city. You can try long exposures creatively taking photos of the fast-flowing waterfalls and rivers at Vintgar Gorge. You can also travel through various picturesque villages taking shots of the agricultural and traditional haystacks.

You can be sure to get outstanding photographic opportunities where you can experiment with various photography techniques.

Your tutors for this Slovenia photography tour will be Clive Minnitt & Phil Malpas both passionate & experienced photographers who have worked with Light and Land UK for many years.

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