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Hanging pose

You can get a very cute picture using this pose but you should strive to ensure safety to the baby.Always make sure the kind of fabric you use is stretchy to accommodate the comfortably. The fabric should be soft and most importantly skin friendly.Try to keep the baby upright to prevent harming the spine and backbone joints.

Bum up pose

You get a cute picture of the newborn child in this particular pose especially if you are planning to take a close-up.Firstly, you get them on their belly and fold their legs under them. Then you place their hands firmly under their face but the fingers should be seen properly.You will get an adorable close-up picture of the baby in this pose. Make sure that you use a blanket that is thick, good textured, and most importantly, skin friendly.

Head in hand pose

This is an awesome photography pose you should definitely try.You will need a helper who can carefully hold the baby around the wrists very mindfully. the photo. Perfect.You can also ask your helper to hold the baby around the head. the photo then.In case if it starts to bend or sink then start the whole process again till you get the perfect shot.

Chin on wrist pose

This is definitely not an easy pose. Nevertheless its a cute pose that you should try.

Here are some helpful tips;

  • Make sure the it is fed just before you start

-Allow the mother to get the baby to sleep (Patience)

-Make sure to use soft blankets to create a soothing environment

-Take extra time to warm the blankets and room of the shoot

Frog pose

There is one thing that is vital to remember. No baby can hold that pose on his own. Fact.So, great care must be taken to ensure no baby is harmed or upset when doing it.Once the baby is in position, gently support the baby with one hand and take the images you need with the other, moving the position of your hand in between.NEVER let go. Your hands should be on the baby at ALL times

Natural pose

Its actually amazing when you find out that some of the best poses that you're likely to capture in your camera are the ones that are spontaneous and unplanned.These are the poses that the baby might be doing naturally. Moreover, these poses are less prone to injuries as the baby is lied down on their tummy, side or back.

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