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The photographs of a wedding are not only about exchanging rings it's a patchwork of images that tells the story of the “d-day”. It's the documentation of the events, which glooms up the most special day of one's life. It's for the keeps, that a couple looks back at year after year, time after time, to relive the moments, the laughs, the jokes, the follies and so many small things that otherwise would have been lost in the excitement of the day.

What to expect from a Wedding Photograph album?

Any experienced wedding photographer is of the opinion that wedding photography has changed a lot from the earlier days when a photographer just had to be present and take some straightforward shots of the ceremony. For one, the professional photographer has to be sensitive to the bride and groom's demands. It's their very special day, a day that would never repeat itself; it's a reward of the love and passion, and the excitement of embarking on a new journey.

It's the photographer's duty to click frames that will effortlessly put across the clutter of emotions and and feelings of the day along with the underlining short stories of the day. In addition, it cannot be plain simple pictures they have to creatively stimulating, envyingly innovative and gorgeously beautiful. This is what every wedding couple wants their wedding photographer to deliver for their wedding album.

Wedding photography styles

To make a wedding album memorable with a unique feel, a photographer first needs to decide on the style of his photographs for the event. There are basically four major wedding photography styles that a photographer creates an album based on. Let's look at the four styles –

  • Wedding Photojournalism -Wedding Photojournalism is the story telling style of wedding photography that does not involve the intrusion of a photographer in the day's proceeding. From the dressing up of the bride to the groom's twinkle in the eyes at the first sight of his partner or the flower girl's tripping – all these moments are captured in this style of photography. In this style, a photographer uses his or her creative eye to capture and interpret the moments of the day, in the most authentic way.
  • Fine-Art Wedding Photography – During this style of wedding photography, a photographer uses creative lightings, artistic angles, unique symphony and advanced post-production techniques to create imagery with a very strong artistic flare. A photographer has to be very meticulous in anticipating moments and with the usage of Photoshop techniques and props. They use fine-art techniques, so that there is no interference with the actual surroundings of the frame. The photographer needs to do the research well and discuss his plans well in advance with the couple.
  • Fusion Wedding Photography – This is the latest craze in the market, where a photographer has the linage to be extremely experimental and inventive in his style. There is a Photo Booth, that often has different props or placers having quotes or funny statements; guests and friends pose along with the couple for the Marryoke. It this type of photography the photographer does not have much scope for experiments or innovation but then again the merry making pictures is done in a creative way, and are a hit in the world of social media.
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