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If there is one thing I appreciate the most about technology, it's that it has given us the ability to store and preserve our memories and hold that lovely smile only reminiscing our favorite moments can bring. However, how many times it has happened to you that you hire a professional photographer to cover a particularly important day and he/she hands down some really incredible photographs that put 5 stars to your special event, but when you ask for the rest of the photographers, they just plainly deny it saying you don't need it. I mean, what's that about? You are paying them for the shoot so why can't you get those raw photographs, right? Actually, wrong!

Let me explain the reason why most of the photographers deny handing down the raw photos. It's because raw photos are just that; raw! They are the raw materials that your hired photographer uses to make a final product. Get my drift? Let me simplify it further in case it's still indigestible to you.

Think of photography as a recipe, a recipe that intends to deliver some delightfully delicious photographs as the end product. Now, answer this simple question; when you go out to eat in a restaurant and order your favorite dishes, do you ask the chef to give you the leftover material too that he used in the preparation? You enjoy the prepared dish and go home happily. Those leftover materials are just the ingredients and are of no use to you. Same is the case with photography. The raw photographs are just the ingredients that a professional photographer uses to prepare the photos that you can put in your album.

Every photograph that is clicked requires some amount of post-production. Post production is a necessary and most important part of photography even if just to give the final touch. This is the part where the photographer adds his personal touch to the photographs. Now, if the photographer gave away his ingredients, anyone would get the power to play around with them in Photoshop and plagiarize his/her work.

Moreover, some photographers that look incredible after post production look too dark or plain mediocre when clicked. If someone happened to see those photographs, it would put serious question on the photographer's capability, and nobody wants that! After all, who would want to risk his entire reputation just to make one client happy?

Even if your photographer agrees to give you those raw photographs, what are you going to do with them? What's better- having 100 perfect pictures or 2000 average ones? You are probably going to drop the idea of editing them yourself as soon as you are done processing the first 2-3 photos because, it requires patience, my friend!

You must have hired the photographer because you liked his work, right? Then have some faith that he will deliver his best results.

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