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Don't just love the image, love the camera too. Your DSLR might be costly or the one at the bottom of the series, but it is imperative to handle it with care for quality capturi.It is discouraging to notice the amount of money people invest in buying the high end DSLRs but do not take good care of it. After research, it was found that lack of knowledge is what leads to procrastination.

Here are a few tips to maintain your DSLRs and ensure its long life:

1) Handkerchief is not the cleaning cloth

Your handkerchief contains sweat and dirt, giving you a reason good enough not to mix up its function with that of the cleaning cloth. It is no hidden fact that using your handkerchief is convenient while in a jiffy. However, if we think in a technical aspect, fabric can scratch the lens and you do not want to harm your prized possession. Assign a cleaning cloth with the liquid and keep your lens shining.

2) Cap it shut

Your Digital Compact Camera loves to breathe in fresh air but the dirt air brings along with it, is not something your lens should hold on to. This is quite basic, yet necessary. Cover the back and front of the lens when not in use.

3) Handle with care

Those in a habit of one hand shooting should break the chain and grip it with both hands, thereby reducing the chances of blurry images too.

4) Never leave your bag home

The camera bag is like its resting place and it must always be stored in that bag. Using your backpack or handbag is the sign of an amateur and depicts lack of care for your DSLR.

5) Do not overexpose the sensor

Those using cameras with interchangeable lens cannot entirely eliminate this threat but the sensor attracts dust naturally which is beyond user's control.

6) Spots on your Shots

Spots or Patches on your images is a good sign, your medium format cameras needs cleaning. Make sure you handle the device with care and sensitivity while cleaning the lens and the other parts. You must send your beloved possession for professional cleaning twice annually.

These simple tips could not only help your camera sustain for a longer time but also protect the integrity of your passion and skill. Go ahead, wipe out the dust off your DSLR'

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