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The interest in Aerial Photography in India is increasing at an impressive pace, and it owes its all to the fact that the cost of availing Aerial Photography services has never been as low as it now is and now, there is no dearth of professional business houses offering these services. So, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Before diving into the basics and technicalities of Aerial Photography, I would like to make you aware of its glorious history. It all started in 1858 in France when Gaspard-Felix Tournachon carried out the first succession of Aerial Photography with the help of a hot air balloon tethered at a height of 80 meters. Initially, pigeons, kites and balloons were used for mounting the camera. Fortunately, pigeons are no more used for the same purpose, but a few professionals still use kites for capturing aerial photos and videos. However, most of the photographers, these days, either use a manned plane or a drone for aerial photography.

Business houses across India have realized that they can easily convert an impressive number of potential customers into customers by serving the former with stunning shots. They are also well aware of the fact that no matter how advanced a land-based camera may be, it can't ever capture the landscape as beautifully as an aerial camera can. The growth of the real estate sector in India and the rest of the world owes a lot to Aerial Photography.

Millions of people in India are now relying on drones to make their wedding memorable because of their ability to capture beautiful footage. Filmmakers are also using drones for the same reason and therefore, everything we see on the big screen is pleasing to our eyes.

The fascinating images and videos captured by drones are tempting tourists from all parts of the world to visit India at least once. The biggest advantage of using a drone to capture aerial shots is that no matter how specific your requirement may be, you won't be disappointed. Drones can stay airborne for as less as a few minutes and as much as hours, and they either come with or without a built-in camera. So, the perfect drone won't ever be far from you.

Drone photography can serve you with shots that are as good as the ones captured with the help of a manned aircraft without spending a whopping amount of money as long as you ensure a few things. The very first thing that you need to ensure in this regard is that the lighting conditions in the concerned area are perfect. Shooting through an aircraft should either be done early in the morning or just before the sunset for ensuring great shots. The quality of the concerned lens will always play an important role in deciding the fate of the shots so you should ensure that it is superlative. You should also ensure that you are not shooting on days when it's windy, rainy or snowing out there since no matter how good your drone may be, it will always disappoint you in such conditions.

For carrying out drone photography in India, you need to have a formal permission of the police department of the concerned area. Don't expect to get this permission if the area you intend to capture is sensitive in terms of criminal activities. It is highly unlikely but not impossible that you will be allowed to capture shots from a drone in an area that is flooded with people.

All business houses in India understandably claim to offer the best Aerial photography services at the cheapest cost but equally understandably, most of such claims aren't true. Fortunately, the same services offered by a few business houses are as good as they are claimed to be. So, you should be careful while opting for one of them.

You should be blunt while stating your requirements to your service provider in order to maximize the possibility of getting served according to your expectations. In order to eliminate the possibility of getting disappointed, you should ensure that the concerned business house has an impressively long list of happy and satisfied clients, and you should verify the authenticity of their testimonials since it goes without saying that all the testimonials aren't always genuine.

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