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Elvis has left the building, but perhaps, only for someone else to come and take the stage. For only when one leaves, the next follows. Lets get seated in a time machine and hover back to the era, where the art of clicking a perfect picture and placing it on paper, was just in square one.

Welcome to the world of black and white. Look closer, yes, just there, what do you see?

The street is filled with people walking up and down and to your surprise, they are all dressed nicely, wearing suits and dresses. Why on earth would somebody do that, especially on a hot summer day. The mode of transport, doesn't it seem just funny? People using covered wagons, horses and buggies, probably they are all on a saving spree, not their money, but the earth's resources rather, quite a thought we must say. All right lets move forward and surprise our senses a little more. There, finally a shop with water available to drink, but wait, what did you just see? A calendar that says year 1800? Rub your eyes as much, but you are in the era when photography was just taking shape and also are void of the two things you love to capture the world with, your DSLR and your phone.

It was not until 1800 when somebody's thoughts ran wild and he thought about the concept of a camera. The initial trial by Thomas Wedgewood was documented but proved to be rather unsuccessful. Triumph came to Nicephore Niepce in 1820s but the earliest results were crude and required several days of exposure in the sun. Commercially, it was introduced in 1839, which is generally accepted as the birth year of the photography. Subsequnly, innovation had its say and the exposure time reduced to minutes and then seconds along with quality of the paper backed images.

Prospering, it has reached to this era where we can say DSLR photography is witnessing its glorious days. There comes a time when boys grow up to be men and girls prefer being called a woman, this is it for photography. From quaint in its early days, to stubborn and full of tantrums in young years, we've seen it grow. Burgeoning from analog cameras to digital cameras photography, we've been an eyewitness to it's puberty. And, now we see it in full glory expanding in every horizon, embracing the adolescence. The new behavior, newer approaches to every test being thrown at it, photography has shown its transformation, being an indicator of a better tomorrow.

Recognizing the huge changes it ha shown, it is important to go hand in hand and move shoulder to shoulder with photography without fail. Increasing number of people are digging deep into the community and are on the lookout for DSLR photography tips from wherever they can. Our majesty, photography is definitely thriving and has a lot more to see in it's reign. Convinced we are, it will be amongst those who age rather gracefully.

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