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Traditionally all headshots were made in black and white but currently that has really shifted. Therefore, whether you are looking to get into broadway, movies or television you should have color headshots. The 8 x 10 picture of yourself is like an actor's business card and should always be professional and in color. Just like their name, acting headshots are primarily shots of your face.Featuring some of your body in the photograph is not necessarily prohibited as observed on the three-quarter shot. However, the focal point of your picture should always be your face. This is because headshots are used to recognize you and you should seek to make your face memorable. Your acting headshots should have a lot of life in the eyes. Oftentimes the eyes have been referred to as the windows to the soul and this is true when it comes to headshots. This because when a casting director is casting commercials, films or TV shows they will go through numerous headshots, hence your headshot should make the director get a glimpse of who you are through your eyes.

Your picture should be realistic. Even though some retouching will be required, you should not make major corrections on your headshot that will make you unrecognizable. At the end of the day you should have a picture that still looks like you The shot should be an image that you live up to in real life and not an exaggeration. The picture should also look professional since the casting director can spot an amateur shot from a mile away. You should take a variety of different acting headshots. Commercial Photographer auditions require smiley headshots whereas dramatic auditions require more serious headshots. Furthermore, you should play around with your hair to take more versatile shots so as to experiment with a couple of different looks.

Make sure that your photo is recent.Acting headshots are generally good for a few years at a time Make sure to replace yours regularly so that they may not look outdated. This is to ensure that your headshot is not looking drastically different from your current look. This is because casting directors also experiment with actors who may look to fit in a particular age or demography. Most casting directors flip through hundreds of headshots spending a few seconds on a picture until BAM! they come across a headshot they like and feel a connection with Hence it is important to invest in acting headshots so as to boost your career. This is because great pictures more often than not land you the job especially if you follow our great tips. So once you get your headshots right the only thing that will determine if you get the role is you and your acting skills.

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