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Children's photographs are a delightful way of preserving those all-too-fleeting moments of childhood. Whether they're professionally taken formal portraits or spontaneous candid camera clicks, these pictures are a great keepsake. Many families have heirloom photographs of children carefully retained in family albums and these can become valuable pieces of social history. Taking children's photographs is an art and many kid photography Singapore experts can vouch for this.

Is Kid Photography Different?

As every parent well knows, unless the child is a newborn, it's quite a challenge getting them to pose for photographs. A lot of times, the entire session can be dominated / controlled by the kids themselves! Generally, they're very active, easily bored and distracted, have short attention spans and seldom enjoy instructions on positioning, posing etc. Often they're cranky and just not in the mood to listen to a bunch of adults telling them what to do. If it's a formal portrait, they're probably uncomfortable in their dress-up clothes. Many kids are also extremely curious about cameras, lenses, tripods, photographic equipment etc and the photographer really has to watch out for accidents.

The best strategy would be to have an extended, relaxed session, where the kids stop being self-conscious and enjoy it. Kid photographers usually know how to deal with their young subjects, play/ joke/ horse around with them, are patient, and finally get that winning picture!

Newborn photography would be relatively easier as the baby would not be moving around, but they're still a challenge, as the photographer has to portray the right emotions, use lighting and camera angles to enhance the charm and vulnerability of the baby.

Maternity Photography

Maternity photography in Singapore and elsewhere is another area of specialization that many professionals choose to work in. Expectant moms want to look their best, and would like their portraits to fulfill all their romantic, sentimental ideas about pregnancy and motherhood. Such portraits are best when they capture spontaneous emotions and those skilled in maternity photography have the training and experience to wait for those moments.

Top-class maternity photography in Singapore and elsewhere can be creative and original, depending on the photographer's expertise, talent and creative genius. The sessions may be conducted outdoors or comfortably in the home surroundings, or in a formal studio setting. Whatever the environment, the subject should be relaxed and comfortable. Often, photographers add elements like family members, spouse, pets, older children, flowers, food etc to enhance the portrait and these give more interest and character to the picture. It's also a great idea to highlight the relationship between the to-be parents during a maternity photography session.

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