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All couples are looking for a professional photographer to capture those perfect moments on your wedding day and chances are that the photographer would also like the opportunity to capture you special day and share those perfect images too. But the key to incredible images is purely down to communication. Alas, all professional photographers would not share their feelings with you out of politeness about what they truly think. This article is here to do it for them.

Your wedding photographer is not a mind reader

Although they wish they were, your wedding photographer cannot exactly anticipate what you really want. So it is your duty to be upfront and direct with them and let them know about your expectations. It is recommended that you prepare a short list of images that you want on your special day and share it with your photographer.

Photographers don't have a magic wand

Your photographer will do their best to take the best shots that you also want but do not expect them to look like it has come out of a Hollywood movie. You must also have seen many images on Pinterest that you may have liked, even though it is great to take references, your photographer is an artist and might be reluctant to copy someone else's style and you should respect that.

Photoshop is NOT magic

Your wedding photographer will want to shoot everything as perfect as physically possible on camera. Factors like location scouting, poses and light settings are able to somewhat decide the quality of you shoot before the click of the shutter. However, if some friend or family member decides to bomb your photograph, the image artist will want to retake the shot rather Photoshop the photo bomber out of the picture. It's easier and time saving to retake the picture than to edit it in Photoshop later. Also, many photographers will charge exorbitant amount of money for professional level editing as it is a very time consuming process and requires a lot of skill.

Give your Wedding Photographer sufficient time

A lot of planning and time will delight your photographer. Nonetheless, flexibility is also a must. Sometimes, getting that perfect shot may take more time than you expect and also may require some retakes for one single shot. Do not rush your photographer if you are expecting quality photographs. If you want your album to have maximum candid style images, then any timeframe should be fine.

Clean up before the shoot

When the photographer is ready to take pictures about the groom and bride getting ready for their special day, do not forget to clean the place. Empty coffee cups, spare robes and untidy surroundings are something you don't want to be a part of your pictures.

You will not get every picture that was taken at the wedding

The photographer clicks many images on your special day. It is highly unlikely that you will see all the pictures which were clicked by the photographer. It's the job of the wedding photographer to sort all your photographs and select only the best of the best. Image editing and correction is a painstaking task and editing thousands of images is definitely not possible.

Go with the flow

The wedding photographer comprehends that you will not want to spend your entire day taking hundreds of pictures. But if there are some special moments which provide the opportunity for those perfect clicks, it is recommended that you go with it.

Your service is too expensive. Can we get a discount?

You may not know but wedding photographers have to perform a lot of tedious tasks to deliver those perfect pictures to you. There is a lot of pre-planning required which includes getting the equipment ready, travelling to various venues, image editing and corrections, etc.

Make all my images look like my friend's wedding images

It is paramount to note that each photographer has his own way of editing their photographs using various softwares. The process is known as 'Post-Processing' or 'Post-Production'. Most photographers do more than just basic lighting and colour corrections. There are hundreds of styles a photographer can choose from like a clean and lightly processed effect to get a natural appeal or you shouldn't say no to a nice low-contrast matte finish appearance with muted pastel colours. You can also go with high contrast images for rich popping colours. Please bear in mind that the work of no two photographers will be the same so make sure you get familiar with their style before hiring them.

Never try to book your wedding photographer last minute

As your wedding nears, you'll find it difficult to book your first choice photographer. Renowned professional photographers are in high demand during the wedding season and it is highly unlikely that they will show up at the end moment for your wedding. It is suggested that you book your wedding photographer six to twelve months in advance or as soon as the wedding date is fixed. If your preferred photographer is not available, there is no need to panic. Simple ask them for recommendations as they will definitely know someone who has a similar style like theirs.

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