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Marriage is a sacramental bond between a man and a woman based on mutual feelings of love, respect and trust. All of us have certain cherished dreams and fantasies of that day when we would tie the knot with the one we love. To have that lavishly fashionable wedding is like a dream come true for us but often due to financial constraints, we are unable to make it happen just the way we want. But what if you could actually have a trendy marriage ceremony without actually busting your budget? Here's how you can do that!


  • Gone are the days when you would book expensive country houses and hotels (remember Plaza Hotel is 'Bride Wars'?) as the venue for your D-day. Back garden reception looks just perfect for that vintage, festival and tea party wedding themes and can also help you cut down on your expenses.
  • An ongoing trend this season is the elegant and pretty calligraphic designs which are any day preferable to boldly printed motifs and fonts. You can enroll in an affordable course on calligraphy and then you and your bridesmaids can handcraft those stationeries!
  • Late night savories like bacon sandwiches, Choco chip muffins and pork pies have replaced those traditional evening buffets. They are not only cheaper but at the same time great as hangover busters before bedtime!
  • Your reception is a great time to show off those curvy dance moves with your partner. If you cannot afford to have a personal choreographer for the party, you can watch those you tube videos and catch up those steps and that too without spending even a penny!
  • If you love floral garlands, but find them too expensive for decorating the venue, then you may use faux garlands to create that style statement.
  • Brunch wedding is a new way of creating that signature these days. Get married early in the morning, and serve your guests a relaxed early morning breakfast with a glass of juice or a cup of hot coffee. Your catering cost will be lowered to a considerable extent, as well as the cost of the venue, which is much lower during the daytime.
  • The best way to manage your budget is to cut short on the guest list. If you can be a little selective about whom you invite, and invite only your near and dear ones, then you can have a gala time enjoying as well as saving. It will be more of a private affair and all the more appealing, with a more easy management of the goings-on and less of guest welcoming!
  • Why waste money hiring a car when you can walk? The best part about getting married in a remotely beautiful countryside is that you can dispense with the pricey four wheelers and walk down from the church to the reception venue, flanked by your guests.
  • After you have managed all your plans and curtailed your expenses, you can actually hire one of the best wedding videographers and catch each and every moment of that special day for years to come.

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