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There are several photo editing applications available online, which are used by millions of women for the purpose of editing their ordinary looking images taken from smartphones. This makeup application allows them to beautify their faces by applying several digital cosmetic items and adding accessories in the image. However, none of these apps provide any kind of editing features that helps men and boys to transform their picture in a similar way. Hence, unlike girls, they don't usually share their personal pictures on social media networks, even though they desire it. It's just there isn't any application that helps men to provide radiance to their face.

But as the time goes by, men are also becoming more considerate when it comes to the quality of their images. Now, men also want to give a royal look to their pictures and have it upload on social networking websites with confidence. This is where makeup for men application comes into the picture. The Mens makeup app is a revolutionary and highly fascinating tool that helps men give a professional appearance to their captured images. This application is available on Google Play Store for absolutely free and can be downloaded on Android and iOS platforms. Makeup for boys application offers a brilliant user interface that allows the user to edit their photos as per their preferences. Apart from this, there are several other innovative and exceptional features that this app has to offer.

Let's take a brief look at those features and how it differs from conventional picture editing applications.

  1. With an easy user interface, one can easily import an image from its gallery are directly click a new photograph from its camera option. All the magnificent editing features can easily be accessed from the drop down menu and unlike other makeup applications, this tool does not require any technical knowledge in order to operate it.
  2. With its remarkable effect that includes adjusting brightness, colour, sharpness, contrast and other editing options you can effortlessly transform your image to a new level.
  3. You can also add several men's accessories such as hat, beard, mustache, glasses, piercing pin, etc to the image. This can help you find out what kind of appearance looks best on you.
  4. It is also very easy to reset all the editing features applied on the picture and start afresh. Furthermore, the app contains several predefined edits that allow the person to get the best appearance of the selfie in just one click.
  5. Give your picture a highly detailed vision by its zoom in and out feature.
  6. Not just selfies, best makeup for men application aids the user to beautify faces of more than one person, whether male or female by manually selecting and editing each member's face.
  7. Once you are done editing the image, you can simply download it from your gallery or share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.
  8. The features of this tool are not only limited to these as one can also provide a different design to the image through its crop and cut option along with putting frames available in hundreds of varieties. You can also make a collage of a number of edited images that would certainly be quite attractive to share among your friends.
  9. One can also edit a multi-faced picture where more than one person is present in the image. Rather than just editing the entire image, the user can manually select and put different effects on each face, which is really extraordinary.
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