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Businesses can no longer deny that people would rather watch funny cat videos than anything else to pass their time. It's just a fact that animal videos draw in more viewers. So, the question here is how can you leverage the power of furry critters to market your business? It's easy. You use animal stock images in your online marketing strategy. These images catch the eye quicker than anything else does, and if you work with a vendor that has a huge selection of different types of images, you'll find the perfect ones to deliver your message. Don't believe it? Keep reading.

Animal Meanings

Different animals signify different things to many people, and this includes your potential customer. For example, in many cultures and spiritual sects, elephants mean power and royalty, donkeys are wise and humble, beavers are builders, deer is gentle, dogs are faithful and a tiger is strong. If you think about your business and the message you want to convey, you can find an animal that will represent that. Say you're an internet service provider; select a cheetah to show people right away, visually, that you are the fastest ISP out there.

Selecting animal stock images with your token animal and using these images on your website, social media pages and marketing materials – both electronic and paper – draws people in because they see the fast and majestic cheetah, which, as proven by online video numbers, makes them click through. People want to see pictures of beautiful animals; they don't want to see pictures of your technical wiring that proves how fast your Internet service is. The cheetah is going to speak to them more, there's no doubt about that.

Professional Stock Images

You might be tempted to use pictures you took while on an African safari last year for your marketing images, but you shouldn't. When it comes to catching people's eye, you must use professional quality photos. Work with a company that has plenty of stock images taken by professionals to get the best pictures for your campaigns. You don't want your online or print images to be grainy, so you'll need an original digital photo that has plenty of DPI, or dots-per-inch. This comes from the resolution in which photo was taken, and professionals shoot in higher resolution.

They also capture more of the same image. A professional may take several shots of a cheetah running to get it from take off to full speed. This gives you a better variety of pictures, so you can find the perfect one or series of images that suit your marketing campaign. Again, your goal is to grab your potential customers right away, and what could be better than images of a cheetah taking off and hitting full speed to demonstrate how your clients go online and, boom, they're up and running.

Boost your marketing campaigns with animal stock images. People respond to animals immediately, so you have their attention right away. Strengthen your campaign by using professional photos to encourage them to click through to videos that sell your product or service. You'll be surprised how well this works. Check out animal photos today.

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