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Jewelry photography is all about detailing. In this art, it's imperative to focus on minute details to make sure that the overall image stands out. For jewelry store owners, especially online stores, high-quality and striking jewelry photographs are essential to drive sales. So, getting them clicked from an inexperienced and amateur photographer is often not worth the time and effort as their work might turn out to be full of flaws and imperfections.

On the other hand, when the images produced by a professional jewelry photographer are published on the website, they can enhance the store's reputation, credibility and professionalism. However, sometimes, even the most experienced photographers commit silly mistakes that turn out to be disastrous. Here are some of the most serious jewelry photography mistakes that mustn't be taken lightly:

Not Working Smartly With Reflections

Nothing is free from imperfection, not even jewelry. Even though the jewelry you are photographing is shining and sparkling like magic, inappropriate use of reflections can magnify any defects or impurities that are present in it. As the purpose of jewelry photography is to enhance or improve the way it appears, it isn't wise to add reflections in a manner that highlights its negative elements. Knowing that there is a problem with the reflection, try to change the angle of the jewelry or the position from where you are capturing the images for improved results.

Not Avoiding the Soft Focus

As stated earlier, the true beauty of jewelry comes out when it's captured with great detailing. Therefore, it's important to make sure that the pictures are as crisp and sharp as possible so that they draw in the attention of the customers and persuade them indirectly to buy the product. To ascertain the focus, make it a point to click them with an aperture greater than f/11. By totally avoiding the soft focus, the customers will be able to see every detail of the jewelry clearly. While critics argue that soft focus adds an artistic element to the photograph, it tends to backfire in case of jewelry photography.

Not Shunning Harsh Contrast Lights

While harsh lights impress many photographers, it barely helps when you are photographing jewelry. Direct and harsh contrasting lights are known to expose the imperfections present in the jewelry and add unwanted shadows and reflections that do not improve the picture. The best outcome is attained when the harsh lights are avoided and soft lighting is used in its place, whether it is coming in the form of natural sunrays or through an artificial studio setup.

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