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At 305 Miami Studio, you feel most alive when you see the camera in his hands. When he points at a subject, the subject becomes alive.

What he loves most is holding his camera and being the DP is what he wakes up thinking about every day. His cameras are his gear; wedding videos are his form of creative expression.

Being a professional videographer Miami is not very easy. One has to understand the client's need and consider the client as one of his family members. Digging deep into client's thought and implementing exactly what they want on their wedding day or say on their anniversary is very important and sensitive.

At 305 Miami Studio all of your worries are gone. They are the one who can really help you and make your wedding Video a truly treasured asset for the rest of your life time.

Each and every clients are stars, he being the mere observer, creates a celebration video in cinematic style. His specialty is to create highly stylish, cherished, flawless fairy tale videos. They don't simply record the celebrations of that day but puts in drama, luxury and a modern touch of perfection to it. They create video that would leave an everlasting impression on all.

The team of 305 Miami Studio strives to confine the thoughts and emotions of that day. They definitely won't fail to spot recording the beautiful bride in her white gown, the brides maid, the flowers, the ambiance, the cake-everything that she chose with such passion. Everything would be captured and preserved with gentle care. Colors and light, sounds and the music just everything would be captured.

The Creme de la creme services at 305 Miami includes:

  • Audio visual Production consisting of producers, writers, directors, cameramen, animators, castings, personal videos and corporate video packages.

Hence, if you are planning to get such services for your loved ones then just try this little wonderers and see what beautiful things can they do to your videos.

The owner's name is Marco Da Costa. His passions are movies, shooting, filming, editing, art, documenting producing and distributing wedding videos. His passion for Videography led to the establishment of 305 Miami studio and redefined the whole concept of Professional videographer Miami.

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