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Ok, so finally, the day you desperately were waiting for has come, great! And many-many congratulations to you, but as a newbie, especially when you have no single idea about wedding photography services, there would surely be a bundle of queries waving in your mind. If you simply don't know on how to hire photography services in Washington DC for your wedding then here are some basic questions you should ask your photographers.

Ask for the photos of entire weddings that you can see as sample

Request your potential photographer to show you the pictures of complete recent weddings, instead of just few selected samples. This way, you can better judge their work and how they photograph the entire spectrum of a wedding, from the bride and groom ready to ceremony, reception and the portraits. If possible, ask for the proof book, a collection of raw prints before they were reworked.

Ask for the references you can talk to

It generally indicates their customer satisfaction level. When you have meeting with the photographers, ask them to get you in touch with their previous clients. Talk to them and ask their preferences and reviews about the photographer and their services.

Ask for the online post proofs or negatives

If your photographer shoots following the traditional process on films then he will get the negatives or he shoots digitally then you can find them online on their official website or on another specific portfolio building websites. Share those photos with the family or friend and decide.

Ask for the person who will be photographing your wedding

Some studios have a large number of team and professional where they cannot decide till the last date who's going to shoot your wedding. So make sure that you are interviewing the person who is actually gonna take pictures of your wedding. This will give you the hang of personality, nature and taste of that professional.

Ask for the final date when the prints, proofs and wedding album be available

Check out the exact turnaround time of your photographer. And also, how long you have to select the photos from proofs and order your album and prints.

Ask for the size of the picture photographer will take

Usually photographers take 500 exposures at an average. So ask them, how many of those you can choose as some photographers charge for per role of film. Also, ask about the price and see whether it suits your budget or not.

Before you sign the contract, keep every simple thing in mind and choose accordingly

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