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Couples just love to reminisce over their wedding day memories and in my humble opinion, the most effective option available for them to do this is through storybook wedding photography in Essex. With a gorgeous blend of technical ability and creative excellence, your wedding day will come to life naturally and most importantly without any key details missing. Whether you opt for the digital files only or a breathtaking wedding album, your story will be shown in meticulous detail an in a variety of ways. Every image should have meaning and tell it's own story. It takes time to capture the essence of the day in a series of still photographs but carried out correctly it can be incredibly emotional. I won't lie to you, it will be hard to choose your absolute favourite images to place into your album but this is the fun part and keeps your day consistent with how you always imagined it. You'll be left with a family heirloom that can be enjoyed and passed down through the generations for years to come.

The Pre-wedding Moments – Fun and Excitement

Both bride and groom have been apart from the night before and are eager to see each other undoubtedly looking the best they've ever looked. Before this moment happens, there are so many details and beautiful moments to capture which will allow the viewer to look into the lives of 2 people spending their final few hours apart as single people. The commoradorie of the groomsmen can be both touching and hilarious largely depending on their personalities while the bridal party often show a togetherness and spirit unmatched in comparison to any other event they're likely to face together.

The storybook wedding photography in Essex service tells both sides of the story in all their glory and is crucial for successfully telling a wedding story. It's a time for all close family and friends to come together and celebrate and is a real hive of activity. By hiring a storybook wedding photographer in Essex, it's one less thing to worry about. Your memories will be preserved forever for you to enjoy.

The Serious business of the ceremony at your chosen wedding venue

Storybook wedding photography in Essex cannot be complete without the all important ceremony section of the day. The groom waiting patiently at the venue can reveal some of the most emotional scenes of the day. The anticipation from the guests is very noticeable as everyone gasps at the first look at the bride (the star of the show). Then there's the father giving his daughter away down the aisle (if this is possible of course). The first look from the groom at his soon to be wife and all the expressions as they proudly edge closer to the point of marriage. These are split second moments that will be lost forever if you don't have the experience and awareness of your surroundings to capture them.

It doesn't end there either. There is often a lull in the activty straight after the ceremony which I find is great for capturing the true personalities of everyone attending. Every image is natural and taken from afar with a longer lense so people aren't even aware that they are being photographed. These shots are personally some of my favourite to relive because it's such a surprise to the couple when I show them and they love it.

Then we get to the reception part of the day. Here we see an incredible display of creativity from the couple adding their very own style to their chosen venue. Nothing is left to chance and everythng is carefully thought through from table details to chair decoration. We see some brave souls standing up and expressing their memories about the couple which inevitably makes for some fantastic scenes from the top table and all of the guests. A storybook photographer will carefully craft these memories into a cohesive and pleasing sequence for you.

It all ends with the cutting of the cake and the first dance (or dances) which will be the most relaxed portion of the day where couples will feel most comfortable around their photographer. It's important to look around at the guest expressions looking on as well as the couple enjoying their favourite song because emotions run high at this point.

A storybook wedding approach will cover it all with no stone left unturned. You'll be surprised at the level of detail recorded and you'll love those moments you thought weren't actually captured. I take the greatest of pleasure when showing a couple their treasured memories and their response to my work is the very reason I continue to stay in this amazing industry.

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