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Korea is one of those countries that are not too well known in the outside world. Until recently, English was not a language to which many Koreans aspired and there are not too many foreigners who learn Korean.

Travel was also not very common for most Koreans and many in the outside world had not heard of Korean photographers such as Leong Mee Yoon, Shin Eunkyung, Ahn Sekwon, and Han Sungpil.

As such photographers hold exhibitions in Western countries, not only does the West become more acquainted with Korean photographers, but Korean photographers also learn from international advancements. They learn about technologies, tactics, and latest equipment.

There are, to be sure, many different styles and fields in photography, not just arts photography. Perhaps the most famous one is news and documentary photography.

Even today in Korea, names such as Lim, Suk-Je, Lee, Hae-Moon, Kim, Atta, and Hyun, Il-Young are still remembered by many as giant photographers and documentary makers.

One of the growing and advancing fields of photography in Korea is wedding. Wedding photography in Korea has come a long way in past decades.

Years and years ago, Korean wedding photography was mostly limited to couples going to a Korea wedding photo studio where they took joint pictures, and sometimes included close family members. Photo studios would help couples with logistical matters such as attire and makeup.

Most wedding photographers still provide those services but they have added to their services. In addition to in-house photography, many offer couples the option to go with them to romantic spots around town to take different types of pictures. The couple and the photographer would then decide on the best ones and create a package.

But offering such Korean pre-wedding photo shoot options requires photographers to buy additional equipment and hire assistants. Those add up to the charges but they do not seem to have had negative or dissuasive impact on couples.

Korea is a rich country. It has come out of its conflict with neighboring North Korea some 50 years ago with brilliant results. Korea is now the richest country in Asia. In 2013, South Korea ranked 8th in household income, with families showing median income of just under $41,000. When it came to per capita income, South Korea ranked 15th with $11,350.

That economic feasibility has allowed many luxury hotels and large wedding halls to hire international consultants and experts to offer Korean wedding packages.

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