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Wedding photo booth hire is growing in popularity on a global scale. Couples planning their special day are looking for something different to bring to their reception, something that will be remembered, but also can help create lasting memories for the couple and their guests to enjoy for years to come.

The biggest reason that wedding photo booth hire is so popular is because it is unique. In addition to saving the couple a fortune on videographers and photographers, this is a fun way for guests to have their pictures taken and then share it with the happy couple to remember their day moving forward.

Some couples take advantage of the wedding photo booth hire as a fun way to provide favours. Favours at weddings has been a long standing tradition and the traditional bag of almonds, which used to be the popular choice may years ago has gone with couples now looking for something different that their guests can enjoy for years. With a wedding photo booth, guests can have their pictures taken, have some fun and then take their pictures home with them as keepsakes of this very special event.

There are some couples that will provide each guest with a small photo frame, just big enough to house their favourite picture taken in the booth. Once the photos have been taken, the guests can add their picture to their frame, another great wedding favour that is guaranteed to provide smiles for many years in the future.

Another benefit you will find if you are considering wedding photo booth hire for your special day is that you can save money. Rather than hiring a professional to film your video, you can hire a booth with video functionality. Each guest or group of guests having their photograph taken, can also leave a personalised video message. The booth hire company can save all the videos for you and send you a link where you can access them and download them, creating your own memorable wedding video filled with laughs, smiles and congratulatory messages.

In many instances when it comes to wedding photo booth hire, the company supplying the portable booth will provide you with a second set of prints. Due to the fact that the reputable companies will provide the booth with a full-time attendant that will remain with the booth throughout the event, you can ask them to get your guests to write a message on the back of their photograph. With two sets of prints, your guests can keep one and you get to keep the other, a quick, easy and affordable way to fill your wedding album with wonderful messages from close family and friends.

Try and choose a wedding photo booth hire specialist that can include instant Facebook uploads. With social media being such a top choice these days and almost every person you know having a social media account, enabling them to share their fun pics on their page immediately is a great advantage and something you can provide, which is guaranteed to make a statement on your special day.

Remember to ensure that when you choose wedding photo booth hire that you choose a company with years of knowledge, experience and reliable service. They should have a solid reputation in the area for providing the best packages to meet your wedding budget.

Ensure that they set up the booth, send an attendant and that they will take down the booth after the reception. This can reduce how much you need to organize and provide you with peace of mind that your reception is going to be the one everyone is talking about for years to come.

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