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From the moment the Internet has been utilized for business, the photography is a skill which has been explored significantly to showcase the products as well as services of a company. Another relevant and more advanced method of building an online portfolio which is gaining momentum at the present time is 3D product photography. The 3D pictures let your consumers see the products they desire to buy in a more detailed manner from all distances and sides, in other words, near to the way you perceive them in real.

While the 3D photography can improve your portfolio as well as add extra credibility to your business website you should be cautious too while utilizing it for your web marketing. It has to attract the website visitors and be offered in such a way that they feel like purchasing it right then. Since it doesn't necessitate much time or effort to add 3D images to your business website, it does need a lot more attention and care while adding them than while appending ordinary images. Following are several of the basic factors which you need to keep an eye on in 3D product photography for your desired business.

Type of products

Primary thing you have to realise is that not every product requires 3D photography when displayed to the customer. For instance, in the case of books, it is not needed that you have to add their 3D pictures. Because while looking for books in an online store, visitors would like to check just the front as well as back part of the book; they don't require seeing it from every side, unless it is a utilized or second-hand book. On the other hand, it is a different case when talking about an electronic device like a mobile phone. Here you might necessitate adding 3D pictures as the client would desire to see the product from each of its angles to verify its size, thickness and shape. Therefore, while thinking about 3D product photography, you necessitate to decide whether your product needs 3D effect or not.


Background is a factor you have to be little careful about. And bear in mind that, here people are supposed to see the product from different angles and sides and all of them need to be evenly impressive and with constant lighting. Moreover, in most cases you can't have a natural outdoor background for 3D photography services for that tend to make the entire image messy. Thu, you need to be very careful while putting the product and capturing the photographs.


While appropriate lighting is imperative for both 3D and conventional product photography services, 3D images necessitate sufficient lighting from all sides. Inadequate and poor lighting would present the product in an unimposing way and might even have unpleasant effect on the clients. 3D images with bad quality is worse than normal images because it simply indicates that while you expended time to develop the images you didn't consider to do any post editing task on the pictures to present them in a nice way.


As you can visualize the equipment needed for 3D photography is distinct from those for ordinary pictures. And nowadays there is software to improve the images and form them life-like. It is imperative therefore to locate experts who have the understanding of the latest as well as most advanced equipment need for providing 3D product photography services and do the required editing to convert the quality of the pictures into even better.


You need to think twice prior adding 3D images to your website because the amount it costs is much different from that of the normal product photography services. Due to the various equipment and special skills needed for 3D photography, it would charge much high. And hence if you are having more than 100 products within your store online, you might have to be choosier here. You can't showcase all your products in 3D format as it might not be possible financially also can affect the speed of the site. What you could do here is to prefer some of your best as well as most clicked products and place them in 3D on your website's home page.

It is always a best idea to gather as much information as feasible regarding 3D product photography services before you initiate doing it. A best looking online store has quality pictures of its products and whenever it is 3D photography, the influence is much more. Taking good care of all these factors of 3D images can assist you develop a professional website which looks credible, cool and ahead of all competitors.

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