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Wedding Videography is an important part of every marriage function as naturally we know, It's happens only once but memories remains for ever. So every one wants to save these memories in the form of video shoot in such a way that, we can watch marriage video in future any time. Shooting a video in wedding functions needs proper sequence wise attention, for this we must have to be careful during whole function, events and celebration, so that no single events are missed.

Let's Discuss some important tips to be better wedding videographer:

1. Communicate with couple, organizers and family members: This is the first step one need to meet couple how they want to cover them, is something extra they want to shoot. Talk with event organizers and communicate about several things like which is the important event to cover most, which family members are important during event to give attention to them while shooting and other things.

2. Be Quick and handy: Don't waste time on a particular shot, be quick and light. Always make the shooting equipment handy and portable to easily switch back and forth if needed and ready to move from shot to shot and angle to angle.

3. Always capture the traditional shots: Don't miss the important shots that are very important and traditional like ring exchange and couple dance . Because these moments are very remarkable while watching the video and cant be re-shooted. You can take help of family members and take a list of all traditional an important events time to time.

4. Prepare a “B-roll” coverage: B-roll coverage means additional footage or introduction footage. It includes taking exterior shot of the building in which wedding ceremony is going on, the food and flower arrangements any other special things to notice. It is always done before the event happening.

5. Avoid too much video footage: Too much video shooting or repeating the same scene looks embarrassing. Wedding Ceremony normally ends within 6 hours, so accordingly overall video footage would not exceed more than 4 hours. Try to make starting few minutes attractive. Repetitive footage are boring and does not create interest to the viewers.

6. Prepare for low light condition: Not always is the situation that wedding function have lights in each corner of the building or gardens. So always be handy with flash lights or lenses that supports dim lights condition. Keep in mind that flash light would not be irritating that whole night couple is blinded by video lights all night.

7. Include Closeups: Close ups are the contributors of emotions and makes the images to look sharper. Be sure to make the close up shots of Brides and Groom, the wedding party and the parents and use them in proper sequence.

After getting all the shots of wedding ceremony and reception, its time to produce finished video. Several post production work is to be applied like editing the video, embedding wedding music in it, giving effects to video and other creative things to add. All these should be done within a couple of week including transferring the video in a DVD and preparing the packaging. The married couples or their family are anxious to watch. On time delivery would increases the reputation and future credits.

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