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Do you ever experience the giant whale floating in the heart of the blue sea? Actually it is a gigantic mammal and it floats united into the water. This animal is the most famous attraction of human and researchers do have various researches on this species. Environmental scientists have categorized this species in different categories according to its size, nature, living style and physical structure. This mammal gives birth of babies in the deep water of the ocean.

The Sperm blue is a type of whales that is considered as largest mammal with teeth. The one important feature of this animal is its head is one third of the total length. It is an important physical feature of this mammal which helps to recognize the species significantly. The matured male whale is 16 meters in length. The species can sound loudly underwater. The most exciting fact is the animal has the largest brain in the earth that means its brain size is largest in comparison with any other animals on the earth and it is five times denser than human brain. The species' life is around or more than sixty years.

The matured female gives birth of young and takes care of the little one for a decade. Baby and mother are seen into the water together while the matured male stays solitarily. In time of mating they come close to the female whale and otherwise they live their lives alone. The baby is directed and nursed by its mother. By every four passing years the female sperm whale hives birth of calves. Actually the name of it comes from spermaceti, a liquid wax that is inside their large head. For this liquid substance whalers killed this species at the beginning of eighteenth century. But now they are safe as different organizations that are conscious protecting wild lives have declared the danger catching and killing the species.

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