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important day. Therefore a great deal of extensive planning goes on to make this day a grand success.

One of the most crucial parts of the wedding planning is selecting the company providing the best wedding photography in Thornhill and the best wedding videography in Thornhill. This aspect is extremely important because a good photo or video is that major element which holds the memories for a lifetime. Thus the process of hiring the professional should be done after spending a good time on the research over the internet for such people and the initial process starts with the research of their work on their websites.

The process of selection of the best photographers and videographers does not wholly and solely depend upon the website research only. In fact one needs to go out in the market and also ask a lot of questions to the different photographers before settling for one. In this regard it is essential to mention that the budget must be pre-allocated for the purpose and for every other service that would be needed to perform on the D-Day and selection processes of each service provider must be carefully executed. This way a person can be heaved of a heavy burden of excess expenditure.

Referrals play a vital role in the selection process. Friends, relatives or any colleague can give good referrals and also vouch for the quality of work given by a particular photographer or a videographer. So these become the essence of the search. Once having a list of referrals, the person can opt to interview each professional individually and then choose the best from the rest.

Now, talking about the interview with the professional, it must be kept in mind that a lot of concrete questions need to be asked before coming to a conclusion about the photographer and about the services which would be received. It would be a good idea if a list is maintained from before hand. A few of the sample questions a listed below.

What are the different packages offered for a wedding?

What are the numbers of photographers who will shoot on that day?

How long will it take to receive the final photos and video?

What will be the format of the video and how many videos will be there?

Will it be High Definition?

Is the travel allowance clubbed within the fees?

What is the tenure of their business?

What is the profile of the photographer who will shoot on the day?

Are there backup camera equipments in handy in case of emergencies?

What will be the approximate length of the edited wedding video?

What is their payment policy?

How many cuts will be given for proof-reading before the final version?

What is the guarantee of the work?

With the help of all these tips and questions it is expected that anyone will get the best photographer and videographer as per his requirement and will be able to cherish every moment of his special day throughout his lifetime.

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