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Photography is an art which requires patience, experience and creativity from the photographer. There are many ways to capture an image from the camera and each one can be represented in an attractive and creative manner. Now many image editing and retouching techniques and software are introduced in the market that makes a very simple image to the one that never be imagined. Photo Retouching, photo editing, masking are the methods to achieve amazing effects over the image. However it requires a great professionalism having computer knowledge and depth in photography techniques.

Like for example if we want to make skin fairer then it can be possible by various touch-ups. Touch up basically means improvement made to appearance of something. Growth of hair on someones chin can be reduced to the desired amount. So all modification is possible by means of photo re-touching. Make ups to a computer generated face, increasing brightness, changing background are some of the photo retouching examples. It would be a challenging but a worthwhile activity.

Photo editing is a fun more than a challenging job. Which image would get transformed to what no one can imagine before the final output. By using color blending techniques, picture looks sharper with an eye catching effect look. Various stunning outputs can be drawn, there is no limit for it like giving antique look to photo and other effects.

Masking is another technique to hide a particular layer. This can be done through Photoshop to make the photo to appear better. By this we can take out the unwanted elements from the image. It is a must follow process to give the image a better look, though it is time consuming process. To mask the unwanted elements, a new layer is introduced. Use right Photoshop masking tool to get the best output.

A professional photo retoucher works carefully by transforming the image very slowly and gradually takes it to a new look. Job of a professional retoucher simulates to the work of a painter, or an illustrator. Magazine photo retouching, photo cartooning, background extractions, damaged photos restoration, wedding photography retouching, panoramic photography, photo paintings, other special effects and so much more application of this techniques a photo retouching can cover.

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