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Marriage preparations are interesting because you and your family are going to have an unforgettable day of your life. But with lots of planning and fun there are also things that are confusing if you are planning your wedding in Delhi. The city offers some many choices that it is not easy to decide upon something. But Wedding Planners in Delhi can help you in many ways whether it is a wedding dress buying decision, venue or menu. You can hire a wedding planner who will be involved in every task related to your marriage and will give all the best ideas to make your wedding a dream. But, before you make a final decision on who will help plan your wedding, it is important to take care about certain things.

Should be Reliable:

While choosing a wedding planner, you must keep in mind to get a reliable planner, because that makes sure of a smooth process lasting imprint on the guests. If possible, try to choose a full-time wedding planner who can spend more time for the wedding of your dreams. Ask for reference and past work from him and if you can get a planner who has already planned a wedding in your friends or family, nothing could be better than that.

Time and costs:

Wedding planner should be someone who helps you in saving a lot of time and money. They should have the best assortment of wedding stuff at the most reasonable prices. They should have the capability to detail the steps from the end of each program. If you are not well aware of the cost, it is important to involve in a little research. Even if you are not sure about your budget, a great planner should have proposals on things like location that are economical, creative ways to save money and substitutes to more expensive options to help you stay on track throughout the process.


While selecting a planner it is important to see his wedding specific experience. Ideally you should select someone who's planned at least a few. It is great if they have also planned corporate events or parties but it's not the same because weddings have a sensitive and private element that other parties don't. If they've worked as a subordinate under another planner, ask which weddings they specifically worked on and what their role was into the wedding.


If your wedding planner has planned a wedding at your venue earlier, it's a major bonus for you. They are likely more acquainted with the event staff, logistics and layout which can help things go more effortlessly. They may also have explicit suggestions or design ideas they have learned from working in the venue before. If they have worked with your location before, ask for photos so you can start imagining your wedding there too. If is new to that venue, he should be able to deliver you creative ideas that can make the wedding an affair to remember.

Past work:

You can ask for specific details and it would be even better to ask for photographs o videos of the stand-out weddings they have planned because this can help you get a sense of their style. Make a note of what you like and don't like and whether they've come up with thoughts that are new and creative, or if they're copying what's already out there. This is their chance to really exhibit how creative they can really be.

About the team size:

You must also take a clarity on how many coordinators, assistants, and stylists your wedding planner will bring on the day of the wedding. This will give you a surety of everything's handled and you can relax and enjoy the day. This will also avoid a lot a chaos.

Payment Policy: It is very important that there is a clarity about payment between you and your Wedding Planners in Delhi. You must surely figure out that exactly what is and is not included in the fee they have cited to you and how have they calculate it. This will help you in budgeting for any extra items. If you have a clear conversation about payment, you may also be able to negotiate and schedule payment before you sign in the contract.

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