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The iconic buildings, landmarks, sleek new skyscrapers, gorgeous old architecture and diversity of residents title New York as a unique city. The breathtaking beauty combined with the creativity and energy has made it a playground for photographers. When you visit New York you will be charmed by its beauty and you will be eager to explore what it has to offer.

The sunset view from Central park depicts the true beauty of the city. You can rent a boat or walk along the pathsand enjoy the calm moments during which you can capture the true essence of the city. The light at this spot is so incredible that the dusk time is called the 'golden hour'. The photographers guide to get your shots in such perfection regardless of the direction of the sun.

New York is full of magnificentvenues for skyline, natural and architectural shots. Photographing the Big Apple from the heights like the Empire State building gives you such great opportunities to capture some fantastic images. Another amazing area is Times Square where you cannot help but be dazzled by the lights and atmosphere.

The old but exquisite New York Transit Museum is a great opportunity to expand your horizons of photography by taking this underground tour. Treasuring the culture of New York this place enlightened every time of the day seems like a shining diamond in the closed walls.

Seeing New York through the photographic lens is refreshing as there is just so much view. The magnificent art deco lobby in the Chrysler Building is well worth a visit, also at night the top of this building changes colour. The beauty of the city including its architecture and some very creative and colorful graffiti embrace the natural charm on offer to every photographer no matter what level of experience you are.

The street photography of New York also has so much to offer, you can see the life and fashion on the streets in some ofthe most interesting and creative aspects of the city. There are some corners which are bustling with people at every point of the day and a great place to capture the New York scene. All you have to do is to set the right apertures and frame for an interesting scene in incredible light to get some great shots.

This photographic tour through Light & Land will help you to sharpen your photography skills so that you are able to capture the memories for a lifetime. So get ready to treat yourself to this commendable feast of photography and the sites of New York which will create an exciting, rewarding and unforgettable experience.

Your tutor will be Paul Sanders who started his career as a news photographer in 1991 working on regional newspapers before joining International News Service Reuters in 1998. After a four years he joined The Times in London and in 2012 he left to pursue his passion for fine art landscape work.

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