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Let's face it, no one will ever understand the enormity of finding the right wedding dress other than you, the bride.

There's no point trying to convince anyone else. Your mother might encourage you to go for a classic vintage gown; your best friend might gravitate towards a chic Hollwood-Glamor design; and your significant other might just want to marry you in the same ensemble you wore when you first met at Dockweiler State Beach (or was it the Overpass in Koreatown? Hey, we're not judging)!

Although a sweet sentiment, wearing the same outfit on your big day is less than ideal – unless you met while you were walking down the runway, modeling Vera Wang's bridal collection – in which case, go for it!

The fact of the matter is, finding the right dress for your wedding is quite like finding the person you want to spend the rest of your life with – you just know it's the one! And when you do overcome one of life's greatest challenges by finally finding it and somehow miraculously purchasing or renting it without breaking your bank, you better make sure you're captured in its exquisiteness in every conceivable angle when you tie the knot.

But just in case you're busy arranging other things (say, maybe the wedding cake, invitations, catering and venue, for starters), here are a few ideas to ensure you look your very best in those special photographs.

Capturing that Gorgeous Train and Silhouette

Every wedding dress has its own unique feature that reflects your personality, but more often than not, the train and silhouette together create a stunning impression that make every girl feel like a fairytale princess.

Solo Shot

It's tempting to pull your significant other in every photograph, but you may be surprised to find how different your dress can look if you're the sole star of the frame.

Flaunt that Bodice

What's the point of selecting a wedding gown with stunning detail when it's hidden in every shot?

Whether you're sandwiched between two loved ones or leaning against the groom, focusing on the bodice adds a new element to the photograph by adding dimenison to your dress.

The Old-Fashioned Winner

Nothing captures the beauty and elegance of a wedding dress better than the classic shot of a wedding kiss right after you've exchanged vows.

Sit Down and Take a Breath

Usually, wedding photos feature the bride standing, which makes for a lovely shot of the dress. But you'd be surprised to find how subtle things, such as sitting for a change, can recreate the look of the dress, depending on how it is angled.

Choosing the Right Photographer

If you're apprehensive about photos of your wedding gown not coming as aesthetically pleasing as you'd like, you're not alone. As a professional wedding photographer in Los Angeles, Karla Delgado goes the extra mile to ensure your wedding photographs are everything you've ever wanted.

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