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Art is the form of talent that is inherited in the brain and mind of an artist. The creativity and the skills developed for years are combined together to form a unique creation. Each artist gives his or her imagination a new dimension by the help of various mediums. The idea of presenting a human imagination with the help of pen, pencil, charcoal, colors, brush and various other items began from the early days of civilization. Thousands of years have passed after the cave paintings of the early human civilization people. Still the trend is equally popular. The research and technology in every aspects of human life have advanced. People are addicted to the advancements and cannot live without the modern amenities.

In the field of art and crafts the technological advancements have also entered. Various types of platforms and mediums have been developed. The field of graphic design has a vast impact in today's art life. Whatever you want to create your own portrait painting can be done by the help of latest softwares in graphics designs. Any types of images can be created, edited and retouched with the help of various Photoshop tools and graphic designing. According some individual beliefs, with the technological developments the demand of the artists has been decreased. But art and culture is an old as well as contemporary feature of human civilization.

Different types of art works are there and each of them are unique in the basic features, themes, aim of representing his or her imaginative as well as visual outcomes etc. the most common and popular among them are the fine arts and the portrait paintings. It is true that everyone cannot understand the meaning of the images or the works in the same way. But any form of artwork has an aesthetic feature. Wherever you keep any form of these graphics it adds some aesthetics sense there. This may be in your house or office reception or in the hotels or restaurant walls etc.

Fine art is that branch of art which is developed primarily for the aesthetics and distinguished from the applied art. According to art history, painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry come under this category. The modern concept is a little different from the historical one. Today final art are the visual art works. The inner meaning of the fine arts is not for everyone. The artists and the intellectual individuals can only understand the inner meaning of the images.

Another most important branch of art is the portrait paintings. It is the skills and credit of the portraitists to create the lifelike portraits. It is not true that every artist can create the same quality of work. The artistic quality, the ability to visualize a human body as it appears and to express the same in various mediums are the key features of portrait paintings.

Whether in Dubai or Kolkata, fine art and portrait art are equally in demand. There are many eminent artists in Dubai Fine Art and also in Portrait Art Kolkata.

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