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Christmas is considered to be one special occasion and most of the people around entire globe like to celebrate. It is a special occasion of Christ Birthday and that spreads happiness and joy. It is one such occasion that gathers family together. This should give people enough motivation to indulge in activities that will show they love and care for others as well.

Christmas is a grand occasion in winter and people give personalized gifts to each other. Of course, it feels really good while giving gifts to our loved ones. They feel really special and think of the sweet memories that happened. All such people must note personalized gifts are also one of the things that can help or distort many well established relations and equations between people.

If you are really looking forward to give a personalized gift option, custom photo blanket will be an efficient option nowadays. A personalized photo blanket is an amazing gift option with multiple uses. You can use the blanket to cover yourself in chilly night, or you can decorate your home with these beautiful blankets as home decor item.

It is rather true that photo blankets are becoming the latest trend in photography gifts and keepsakes. Photo blankets are providing a new way to keep precious memories close to heart. You can make your loved ones really amazed with this wonderful photo blanket. They will give you a big thank you for this personalized gift alternative.

To make a custom photo blanket, a picture is scanned into the computer. The computer then uses software to create an image that will be transformed into cloth form. By utilizing a computerized weaving loom, the photo image is transformed onto the blanket material. Once transformed the picture, additional effects with design can be added.

The additional effects include lines of text to display who is in the picture or a sweet sentiment to remember an event. Now borders, shading, and coloring are additional options available. Usually, a common material used in fleece photo blanket is 100% mercerized cotton yarns. These yarns provide a crisp picture with digital format to be transferred onto the blanket.

There is also softness present in the yarns quality. Of course, it gives the blanket a cozy feel that is really ideal for snuggling under on hot or color nights. The use of a computerized weaving looms also allows for the image to be woven into the fabric of the blanket. Therefore, there will be no fading of the picture after repeatedly wash or continued use over the years.

Moreover, over the last couple of years, the demand of fleece photo blanket has increased a lot than never before. Nowadays, these are available in a variety of selections. Now pictures are easily accessible for reproduction in color or black and white. Now you can add the text messages into the blanket with different designs. Though these blankets are made of 100% cotton materials, you can use them for new born babies as well. So whatever, the purpose is, photo blankets are a great gift option or keepsake for anyone.

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